Begin My Research

1. Select a Topic

  • Class assignment
  • Textbook
  • Class lectures
  • Reference books on subject

2. Get Needed Background Information

  • Reference books

3. Select Books Appropriate to Your Topic

4. Identify Periodical Indexes Appropriate to Your Topic

  • Library home page
  • Select Electronic Databases
  • Go to General/Multidisciplinary
  • Select Academic Search Premier or one of the other general databaxes (not limited to one particular subject area) AND/OR
  • Go to a particular subject area

5. Search Periodical Indexes for Appropriate Articles

Each database that is available to Centre students and faculty searches in a slightly different way. However, you may find the following tips useful in searching any of the databases.

  • Locate the built in help feature -- often this will provide a quick overview of how to search
  • Advanced search option -- most databases default to a very basic search page; a more advanced/expert search will often allow for more precise and efficient searching.
  • Subject searching -- many databases allow you to search for specific subject headings which can make a broad search more focused

6. Determine Availability of Journal Articles

  • Full-text online in the database you are searching -- look for the icon (symbol) that indicates full-text
  • Full-text online in another database the library subscribes to -- look in Electronic Journals
  • In Centre's library -- look in library's online catalog for the title of the journal, not the title of the article
  • Use a Research Help guide to find out what subject-specific journals are available online through Centre's library

7. Search the Web

Last updated March 20, 2017