squareRoyal Society of Chemistry Journals Online

Each link below will take you to the home page for the individual journal. From the menu on the left, under Reader Services, you can select to view current or previous issues. The menu option Advanced Articles links to articles not yet published.

To search all of the Royal Society of Chemistry journals, click on the Search RSC Journals menu option. This will take you to the RSC Journals Search page. Here you can search an individual title or all the RSC titles. A search will include citations and links to the full-text of articles. NOTE: Centre College users will have access to full-text articles ONLY from the journals listed below.

NOTE: Many RSC journals are available in full-text back to their first volume. This RSC Archive database requires a separate subscription. Centre College users have access to the titles listed below by virtue of the library subscribing to the print version of the journals. The RSC provides free access to the full-text of the online version of these journals, but only for the years given below.

Last updated March 10, 2011