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Photographs of primarily nineteenth-century individual students, classes, and organizations.
Agore Adelphon Literary Society (1855-1857)
Very little information exists on the Agore Adelphon Literary Society. It was established around December 1855, and the one book of minutes ends in 1858. The society changed its name in 1857 from Agore Adelphon to the Philo Logoi (sometimes Philologi) Society. It was apparently not particularly strong.
Alpha Kappa Phi Fraternity Records (1858-1870)
Founded at Centre College in 1858, Alpha Kappa Phi was active until the 1870's. This small collection provides some insight into the birth and life of a "secret society."
Athenaean Literary Society (1853-1861)
The Athenaean Literary Society was an offshoot of the Deinologian Society. Little information is available, but apparently it did participate in annual celebrations. /dd>
Barr, Lockwood. Letter to John A. Cheek (January 7, 1904)
Angry letter from Barr to John A. Cheek, treasurer of Centre College, about the delay in the Class of 1903 receiving their dilomas.
Bartlett, Irving Chapin Letters (1858-1863)
A collection of letters written between 1858 and 1863 by a Centre College student to various members of his family.
Beta Theta Pi. Epsilon Chapter of Beta Theta Pi: 100 Years at Centre, 1848-1948 (1948)   (PDF, 1.5Mb)
History of the Epsilon Chapter of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity of Centre College. Covers the years from the chapter's founding in 1848 to its centennial in 1948.
Buchanan, James. Letter to Trustees (April 20, 1830)
In 1825 Centre built a refectory, or dining hall, where students were required to board. This is a letter from James Buchanan, faculty secretary, requesting the Trustees dismiss a student, James Bedford, who refused to eat at the refectory.
Chamberlain Philosophical and Literary Society (1828-1941)
Founded at Centre in 1828 and named in honor of the College's first President, Rev. Jeremiah Chamberlain, the Society died out circa 1927, but was revived around 1939, lasting for only two years.
The Collegian (June 5, 1837)   (PDF, 2.0Mb)
Prospectus by the Deinologian and Chamberlain literary societies to publish a periodical devoted to literature, science, and education. Includes names of subscribers.
Commencement Program Parody (1853) (Jpeg, 94Kb)
Parody of the 1853 commencement exercises.
Commencement Program Parody (1895) (Jpeg, 94Kb)
Parody of the 1895 commencement exercises.
Day of Concern (May 8, 1970)
Response by Centre students to the U.S. invasion of Cambodia during the Vietnam War.
Deinologian Literary Society (1835-1940)
The Deinologian Literary Society was founded in 1835 and continued in existence until about 1940.
Delta Kappa Epsilon. Iota Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon (1954)   (PDF, 1.5Mb)
History of the Iota Chapter of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity of Centre College from the chapter's founding in 1854 to its centennial in 1954.
Howard, Hubert S. Letter to J.A. Cheek (August 5, 1901)   (PDF, 894 Kb)
Letter by Howard to John A. Cheek, treasurer of Centre College, requesting that Cheek reserve a room for him in Breckinridge Hall.
Ireland, John W. Letter to Executive Committ of Board of Trustess (June 11, 1903)
Ireland was the presienet of the Class of 1903. He writes about the poor quality of their diplomas, and asks that they be exchanged for ones of higher quality.
Literary Society Programs (1847-1880)
Nineteenth-century literary society programs, many for the annual Washington's birthday celebrations.
Literary Society Program Parody(February 22, 1865) (Jpeg, 108Kb)
Parody of the 1865 annual Washington's birthday celebration.
Phi Delta Theta. The First Hundred Years of Kentucky Alpha-Delta of Phi Delta Theta (1950)   (PDF, 2.8Mb)
History of the Kentucky Alpha-Delta chapter of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity of Centre College from the chapter's founding in 1850 to its centennial in 1950.
Samuel Johnson's Funeral (December 18, 1879)
"On Friday last, the Seniors held a class meeting and decided that having worked to death Samuel Johnson, LL. D., the subject of their admirable essays, they had better bury him."
Songs of "Old Centre" (1879)   (PDF, 2.3Mb)
Collection of Centre College songs.
Student Guide and Hand Book (1900)   (PDF, 1.2Mb)
Student handbook and guide for the 1900-01 year.
Student Handbook of Central University (1913)   (PDF, 3.9Mb)
Centre College student handbook for the 1913-14 year.
Student Publications
Student publications and newsletters from the 1960's to the 1980's