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Lindsay Hughes Blanton was born in Cumberland County, Virginia January 29, 1832. He graduated from Hampden-Sidney College in 1853 (and later earned a Doctor of Divinity degree in 1878). Blanton studied in the Union Theological Seminary (Virginia), but graduated from the Danville Theological Seminary in 1857. He served as pastor of the Presbyterian church at Versailles, Kentucky from 1857-1861; pastor at Salem, Virginia from 1861-1868; and at Paris, Kentucky from 1868-1880. Blanton served as a chaplain in the Confederate army from 1863 - 1864. During his lifetime, L.H. Blanton held a number of important posts in the Presbyterian Church, including: stated clerk of the Synod of Virginia, 1866-1868; stated clerk of the Synod of Kentucky, 1874-1913; and four time commissioner to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, U.S. Blanton married Elizabeth Irvine of Danville on October 6, 1857. She died on June 4, 1901, and Blanton married Mrs. Myra Bracken of Lebanon, Kentucky, August 17, 1904.

Blanton was perhaps best know for his 21 years of service as Chancellor of Central University in Richmond, Kentucky from 1880-1901. Central University hit its stride during Blanton's years as Chancellor, as over 300 men graduated, attendance and endowments rose; new buildings were erected; a College of Dentistry was established; and new professorships were endowed. He was also instrumental in founding and building up three preparatory schools - Lees Institute (Jackson, Ky.); Hardin Collegiate Institute (Elizabethtown, Ky.); and Matthew T. Scott, Jr. Institute (West Liberty, Ky.)

Blanton was Chancellor when Central and Centre consolidated in Danville in 1901, and remained at Centre as vice-president from 1901-1907. He continued to serve as a trustee of Centre until 1913, and remained active in Presbyterian education work. He died on September 17, 1914.

Further information on Blanton may be found in CC-63 L. H. Blanton Papers (Trustee Years/Personal Papers) and CC-131 Central University (Richmond, KY.)

James Howell Hewlett, Dean, Registrar, head of the English department and Acting President on three separate occasions was one of Centre's most respected figures - a scholar devoted to his profession, and a man with unshakable faith in the future of the small college.

Hewlett, born July 29, 1888 in Morgan County, Alabama, was educated at Franklin Academy in Columbus, Mississippi, and received his bachelor of arts degree at Birmingham Southern College. He went on to earn a masters degree from Vanderbilt in 1913, later attended Johns Hopkins University from 1926-1927, and received his doctorate in philosophy at the University of Chicago in 1931.

Beginning his career as professor and head of the English Department of Kentucky Wesleyan College at Winchester, Kentucky, he went on to a similar position at Olivet College in Michigan from 1917-1918, and then to a teaching position at Drury College in Springfield, Missouri from 1919-1920. He came to Centre as Professor of English in 1920.

Dean of Men from 1928-1932, and then associate dean of the school, Hewlett served as acting president from 1936-1938, 1942-1944, and 1946-1947. He taught summer sessions at Berea College, the University of Kentucky, and the University of Louisville from 1921-1928. Dr. Hewlett was a Democrat, and a member of Centenary Methodist Church in Danville.

Active in a number of organizations, Hewlett was chairman of the Commission on Colleges and Universities of Kentucky, Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, 1943-1944; president of the Kentucky Registrars, 1944-1945; vice president of the Kentucky Association of Church-related Colleges, and the Modern Language Association of America; member of the American Association of University Professors, and the Filson (Louisville) and Anaconda (Danville) clubs.

Dr. Hewlett, stricken by a heart attack earlier in December at his office in Old Centre, later died of a second heart attack on December 27, 1948.

Collection Inventory
CC-3.1 Lindsay Hughes Blanton Papers
Series A Correspondence
Folder 1Correspondence, Vice President L.H. Blanton, undated, 1901-1902
Folder 2Correspondence, Vice President L.H. Blanton, 1903-1904
Folder 3Correspondence, Vice President L.H. Blanton, 1905-1906
Folder 4Correspondence, Vice President L.H. Blanton, January-April, 1907
Folder 5Correspondence, Vice President L.H. Blanton, May, 1907; also contains text of a brief response by Blanton (delivered at Commencement, June 12, 1907) to the address of John H. Chandler. The occasion was the presentation of a loving cup to Blanton as a testimonial from the students of Central University (Richmond, Ky.)
CC-3.1 Lindsay Hughes Blanton Papers
Series B Miscellaneous Publications
Volume 1Blanton, L.H. Memorial, Thomas A. Bracken, D.D. Harrodsburg: Printed for private circulation, 1902
Volume 2Irvine, Rev. William, In Memoriam, Mrs. Elizabeth Irvine Blanton Danville: Printed for private circulation, 1901
Volume 3Thomson, C.T., ed. Lindsay Hughes Blanton, an appreciation of His Life and Work Lexington: Transylvania Press, 1908
CC-3.2 James H. Hewlett Papers
Series A Cooperative Study in General Education
  • Checklist Questionnaire used when Staff visited College
  • Chicago Workshop
  • Committee on Teacher Training in Elementary Schools
  • Communications
  • Cooperative Study in General Education
  • Cooperative Study Liaison Officers
  • Correspondence with Workshop Staff
  • Evaluation Committee
  • General Correspondence (3 folders)
  • General Education
  • General Objectives
  • Goals of Life
  • Health
  • Heil, Dr. Louis M.
  • Humanities
  • Inventories - Cooperative Study
  • Inventory of Counseling Relations
  • Inventory H. Alb General Life Goals Revised
  • Inventories given in 1942-43
  • Liaison Officers Reports
  • Newsletter for Cooperative Study
  • Norms in Cooperative Foreign Language Tests
  • Objectives of Centre College
  • Objectives Committee
  • Philosophy of Life
  • Religious Beliefs Inventory (McLean)
  • Reports of Representatives from Centre College to the Workshop, 1942
  • Salary Increases - 1943 - under Wage and Hour Law
  • Science Committee
  • Survey Courses
  • Workshop, 1941
  • Workshop, 1942
CC-3.2 James H. Hewlett Papers
Series B War and Centre College
  • A-12 & V-12 Programs
  • Academic Instruction for Pre-flight Training
  • Army Aviation Cadet Program
  • Blueprints
  • Civil Aeronautics Authority (1940) - Fall Phase
  • Civil Aeronautics - Spring Phase
  • Civilian Pilot Training Program (CAA)
  • Civilian Pilot Training - Fall Phase
  • Civilian Pilot Training Program Procedure Manual
  • Civilian Pilot Training - Spring Session (1942) (1)
  • Civilian Pilot Training - Spring Session (1942) (2)
  • Civilian Pilot Training - Summer Phase
  • Conference in Knoxville, Reports on
  • Contract Factual Material
  • Correspondence Carried on by Dr. Hewlett
  • Correspondence since December 7, 1942
  • Danville Airport
  • Inventory in Interests in Wartime Problems
  • Joint Factual Pamphlet Covering all College Enlistment Plans
  • Manual M-102
  • Miscellaneous Correspondence
  • Ninth Naval District
  • Recreation and Religion Programs
  • Re-negotiating of Contract
  • Rules for Military Discipline
  • Students Enlisting in the Army Air Force
  • Students to be Voted on by Faculty
  • Students Voted on by Faculty
  • Summary of Item Analysis
  • War and Colleges
  • War Department - Army (1)
  • War Department - Army (2)
  • War Manpower Commission Survey
  • War-Time Opportunities for Students at Centre College
CC-3.2 James H. Hewlett Papers
Series C Faculty Committee on the Inauguration of President Walter A. Groves
  • Folder 1 Correspondence concerning invitations to attend inauguration, undated
  • Folder 2 Correspondence concerning invitations to attend inauguration, July - September, 1947
  • Folder 3 Correspondence concerning invitations to attend inauguration, October, 1947
  • Folder 4 Correspondence concerning invitations to attend inauguration, November 1 - 7, 1947
  • Folder 5 Correspondence concerning invitations to attend inauguration, November 10 - December 1, 1947
CC-3.2 James H. Hewlett Papers
Series D Speeches
  • Hewlett, James H., Gov. Simeon S. Willis and Fred M. Vinson. "Tribute to a College". Presented on January 21, 1944 by WHAS Radio, Louisville, for the 125th anniversary of the chartering of Centre College. Danville: Published by the College, 1944
  • Untitled speech to the graduating class of 1934
CC-3.2 James H. Hewlett Papers
Series E Articles/Manuscripts/Reports

Folder 1 Includes a partial bibliography of articles by Hewlett

  • Hewlett, James H. "Brief History of the General Education Movement". Probably written by Hewlett as a chapter of work entitled Cooperation In General Education
  • Hewlett, James H. "Brief History of the Kentucky Association of Colleges and Universities". Reprint, The Southern Association Quarterly, (August, 1945), 1-10
  • Hewlett, James H. Centre College and Postwar Planning
  • Hewlett, James H. "Centre College of Kentucky, 1819-1830". Read before the Filson Club, February 7, 1944. Reprint, The Filson Club History Quarterly, 18, No. 3 (1944)
  • Hewlett, James H. Criticism of The Ideal Review, by Professor Crooks, English 301

Folder 2

  • Hewlett, James H. "Historical Sketch of Centre College in Kentucky". Reprint, The Southern Association Quarterly, (November, 1941)
  • Hewlett, James H. "Interpreting a Spenser - Harvey Letter". Reprint, Publications of the Modern Language Association of America, 42, no.4
  • Hewlett, James H. "Plans of Kentucky Colleges and Universities to Meet the Educational Needs of Returning Veterans". Hewlett was no doubt a major contributor to this report, written by a committee in cooperation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, undated
  • Hewlett, James H. "Practical Suggestions for the Advancement of Centre College", undated
  • Hewlett, James H. "The Purpose and Methods of Centre College on Education for the Good Life or the Purpose of General Education at Centre College", undated
  • Hewlett, James H. "True Christian Education Is Real Education". Centre Series, no.4.
CC-3.2 James H. Hewlett Papers
Series F Miscellaneous
Folder 1Miscellaneous copies of exams used by Hewlett, undated, and dated 1927-1943
Folder 2Miscellaneous compositions written by Hewlett, possibly as a student
NOTE: James Hewlett's B.A. degree from Birmingham College (1912) and his M.A. degree from Vanderbilt University (1913) may be located in CC-58 Diplomas and Certificates
CC-3.2 James H. Hewlett Papers
Series G Administrative Files
Folder 1Administrative directive
Folder 2Association of Kentucky Registrars
Folder 3Association of Kentucky Colleges and Secondary Schools
Folder 4Bible Credit
Folder 5Chemistry Department
Folder 6Church related college material
Folder 7Civilian Conservation Corps
Folder 8Civilian Pilot Training
Folder 9Commission meeting, 1945
Folder 10Commission on Higher Education, KY
Folder 11Commission on Secondary Schools
Folder 12Comparison of sophomores with freshmen on General Achievement Test
Folder 13Department of Religion
Folder 14Departmental needs - 5 year plan, 1940
Folder 15Dramatics and Speech
Folder 16English Department
Folder 17Faculty academic degrees
Folder 18Journalism
Folder 19Kappa Alpha fraternity
Folder 20Mathematics
Folder 21Medical aptitude test scores
Folder 22Modern Language Association meeting, 1941
Folder 23Music Department
Folder 24Peabody Scholarships
Folder 25Selective Service
Folder 26Standards of Association of Kentucky Colleges and Universities
Folder 27Sub-committee of Commission on Standards and Reports - Negro colleges
Folder 28Survey report on Centre College, 1942
Folder 29Sutton, Maude - Memorial Scholarship
Folder 30Uniform admission blank
Folder 31Universal military training
Folder 32Professor R. M. Van Metre
CC-3.5 Academic Affairs Office
Folder 1Important information, 2011/2012