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Library Records

Collection Outline
Collection Inventory
CC-7.1 Reports
Series A Annual Reports
Folder 1Annual reports; 1887, 1903, 1919-1929
Folder 2Annual reports; 1930-1939
Folder 3Annual reports; 1940-1949
Folder 4Annual reports; 1950-1983/84
Folder 5Budgets, 1946-1978
Folder 6Book budget allocation, 1982-
Series B Self-Studies
Folder 1Library Self-Studies, 1981-1982
Series C Library Committee
Folder 1Minutes, undated, and dated April 22, 1930-October 3, 1973
Folder 2Minutes, reports, undated and dated August 10, 1967-November 8, 1995
Series D Miscellaneous
Folder 1Miscellaneous reports, 1969-date
Volume 1Library reports (KCW?), June 1, 1908-June 1, 1913
Volume 2Unidentified list of books
Volume 3Books checked out to students, 1901-1902
Volume 4Books checked out to students, 1902-1905
Volume 5Books checked out to students, 1905-1906
Volume 6Books checked out to students, 1906-1908
Volume 7Books checked out to students, 1908-1910
Volume 8Books checked out to classes, 1920's(?)
Volume 9List of books from Centre College Law Library
Volume 10Circulation record, May 1959-December 1964
Volume 11Circulation record, January 1965-November 1972
Volume 12Circulation record, December 1972-November 1974
Volume 13Circulation record, December 1974-November 1976
Volume 14Circulation record, December 1976-November 1982
CC-7.2 Librarian/Library Staff
Series A Correspondence
Folder 1Miscellaneous correspondence, dated September 20, 1922-November 21,1939
Folder 2Miscellaneous correspondence, dated July 22, 1948-January 2,1958
Folder 3Correspondence and memos with President, dated May 12, 1948-February 8, 1961
Folder 4Correspondence and memos with Dean of Men/Dean of Women,undated, and dated November 31, 1948-March 6, 1967
Folder 5Miscellaneous correspondence acknowledging gifts to library
Folder 6Miscellaneous correspondence concerning library staff/personnel
Series B Faculty Status
Folder 1Letter recommending faculty status for librarian; misc. material on 1948 study of faculty status of librarians at other colleges
CC-7.3 Collection
Series A Books
Volume 1Accession list, Centre College, no. 1-5000
Volume 2Accession list, Centre College, no. 50,001-55,000
Volume 3Accession list, Women's Department, no. 1-4075
Volume 4Accession list, Women's Department, no. 4076-9030
Series B Periodicals
Folder 1Miscellaneous correspondence, lists, invoices
CC-7.4 Services
Series A Audio-Visual
Folder 1Miscellaneous papers
Folder 2Miscellaneous papers, 1970-1983
Series B Reference
Folder 1Currently empty
Series C Archives
Folder 1Miscellaneous - Archives Committee minutes, policy reports, updates, etc.
CC-7.5 Gifts/Grants
Series A Kellogg Fund
Folder 1Miscellaneous correspondence, reports, lists of books purchased
Series B Miscellaneous
Folder 1LeCompte Davis; application for ACRL grant to assist library development (1956); $100,000 Funds; Hardin Craig; William Reese
Folder 2Lawrence Thompson
CC-7.6 Doherty Library
Series A Planning/Dedication
Folder 1Planning
Folder 2Dedication
Folder 3Equipment
Series B Miscellaneous
Folder 1Informal guide, 1968-1969; details about library building; Centrepiece announcing Doherty Foundation grant, March 1965; reclassification
CC-7.7 Miscellaneous
Series A History
Folder 1"Sketch of the Centre College Library", 1937 or 38?; "Centre College Library", n.d.; "The Hall of Learning and the Curriculum", n.d.; "Kentucky Room", n.d.; "History of Centre College Library" in letter to Sayre family, 1960's(?); "Centre College Library", n.d.
Series B Guides/Policies/Handbooks
Folder 1Doherty News, October 1, 1968-March 4, 1969; acquisition procedure, 1967-1968
Folder 1Handbooks: 1969, 1973, 1975
Folder 1Miscellaneous papers
Folder 1Library newsletter, 1997
CC-7.8 Renovation (1988)
Volume 1Drawings and specifications
Folder 1Miscellaneous plans, proposals, correspondence, and purchase orders
CC-7.9 Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Folder 1Miscellaneous