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This collection of early Centre registration documents, including class records, and statistical reports is a compilation collection. Centre did not officially designate a registrar in its catalogs until 1915, though men such as John C. Fales (Centre's Librarian and Professor of Greek Language and Literature) served in that capacity. Since it is difficult to determine which official actually retained the records, they have been assigned to this group.

By far the most valuable series would be the matriculation records and the class records. The matriculation records contain the signatures of entering freshmen in addition to other information such as: parent or guardian, post office, and general remarks (Vol. 1, 1863 - 1887); and all of the above information in addition to date of entrance, date of birth, church relationship, "where or by whom prepared." and class entered (Vol. 2, 1887 - 1906). Volume 2 also contains a matriculation record for Centre's Law School, September - October 1874. This volume is also available on microfilm. The class record contains the scholastic standing of the students from 1859 - 1905. Also of interest are the two binders containing statistical reports of Centre students, including: enrollment; attrition; geographical distribution; religious affiliations; grade distribution analyses; and total number of graduates for Centre (and Central University, Richmond, Ky.). File reports were compiled between the 1930's and the 1970's. The statistical reports (covering the years 1824 - 1971) have been included in this record group for their statistics covering Centre's first decades. Since only scattered papers and volumes are expected to be added, this collection has been structured to accommodate them in either CC-8.3, or a new sub-group.

Collection Inventory
CC-8.1 Early Registration Documents
Series A Miscellaneous Papers
Folder 1Miscellaneous papers concerning student enrollment at Centre; consists mostly of lists and notes, undated, and dated 1823-1848
Folder 2Miscellaneous early documents concerning student enrollment at Centre; consists of lists of alumni of Centre and Central University (Richmond, Ky.); lists of accredited Kentucky High Schools; miscellaneous forms, lists, reports and studies, dates inclusive, 1887-1942
Folder 3Miscellaneous Centre students' high school/prep school applications, transcripts (submitted prior to their admission to Centre), some student grade reports of terms at Centre; entrance tickets; E. Quisenberry grade reports, dated 1907-1909; schedule of classes (1940); grade of H.C. Reed and F.S. Reed
Series B Matriculation Records
Volume 1Matriculation record, 1863-1887
Volume 2Matriculation record, 1887-1906; also includes matriculation records for the Law School, September - October, 1894
 See also CC-36, Law School
Volume 3Chapel roll (and matriculation) record, 1883-84
Series C Class Records
Volume 1Class records, 1859-1869
Volume 2Class records, 1869-1882
Volume 3Class records, 1882-1898
Volume 4Class records, 1898-1905
Volume 5Graduates (by class) 1851-1927; includes honorary degrees
Series D Miscellaneous Volumes
Volume 1Record of students on scholarships, 1906-1907; includes what appears to be a working copy
CC-8.2 John C. Fales Papers
Series A Correspondence
Folder 1Correspondence, dated, 1879-1904
CC-8.3 Miscellaneous
Series A Statistical Reports
Volume 1Statistical reports compiled at Centre concerning enrollment, attrition, geographical distribution, religious affiliations and miscellaneous brief summaries with entries made from the 1930's to the early 1970's; reports include:
  • Chart showing enrollment by Years at Centre College, 1921-1956
  • Enrollment by classes for men and women (by years), 1926-1970
  • Distribution of enrollment by classes (by years) - Women's Department, 1926-1970
  • Distribution of enrollment by classes (by years) - Men's Department, 1847-1970
  • Distribution of enrollment by classes and by semesters - Women's Department, 1936- 1971
  • Distribution of enrollment by classes and by semesters - Men's Department, 1936-1971
  • Enrollment in Summer Session by years, 1933-1970
  • Reasons for students withdrawing, 1949-1958
  • Reasons for students withdrawing, 1929-1949
  • Reasons for students withdrawing - women, 1930-1949, 1957-1958
  • Mortality (students returning/leaving, etc.) of Freshmen classes - Men, 1928-1949
  • Mortality of Freshmen classes - women, 1928-1948
  • Mortality of classes, 1940-1944
  • Geographical distribution of Freshmen class, 1950-1951
  • Geographical distribution of students by states, 1950-1951
  • Summary of Centre College enrollment by states, 1932-1950
  • Summary of Centre College enrollment by states and foreign countries, 1930-1932
  • Enrollment of students in Centre College by distance from Danville, 1930-1950
  • Total enrollment - Geographical distribution - Men's Department, 1920-1950
  • Total enrollment - Geographical distribution - Women's Department, 1926-1950
  • Summary of enrollment of students by counties in Kentucky, 1930-1961
  • Religious affiliations of students, 1930-1951
  • Total enrollment figures, 1911-1936
  • Miscellaneous brief summaries
Volume 2Statistical reports (Grade distribution analyses) - distribution of grades by professors, 1931-1950; totals of graduates of Centre (and Central University - Richmond, Ky.); honorary degrees awarded 1824-1951; major fields of students in graduating class (by years), 1930-1950. Probably compiled in 1950-1951; covers the years 1824-1951
Folder 1Annual reports, 1992/93-date
Folder 2Enrollment reports, 1983-date
Folder 3Miscellaneous reports, 1983-date
Folder 4Student directories, 1966-1975
Folder 5Student directories, 1976