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Dean of Students/Student Affairs

Collection Outline
Collection Description

Within this collection are miscellaneous materials pertaining to student affairs roughly dating from the 1970's. Included are memorandums, student lists, group correspondence, letters, notifications, lists of class members, seniors, clubs, committees, trip rosters, and other student-related affairs.

Max Cavnes Papers

Dr. Max Cavnes was Professor of History from 1958 until his retirement in 1985, and served as Dean of Men from 1960 until 1973. The collection consists primarily of papers from his years as Dean of Men. Included are student lists, committee reports, policy statements, dorm and fraternity registers, dean's lists, probation lists, correspondence, and other material relating to fraternities, student government, and student rights. All of the material is arranged alphabetically by topic and then chronologically within each folder when appropriate.

Collection Inventory
CC-9 Dean of Students/Student Affairs
Series A Student Affairs
Folder 1Day of Concern notice
Schedule for May 8, 1970 - Day of Concern
Your Roommate's Roommate
List of "Pet Peeves"
Vietnam Open Forum
Schedule of events on Environmental Awareness Day, April 22, 1970
Lecture on transcendental meditation
Centre College community action projects
Student manual
Dialog Day
Why I attend Centre
Centre Choir trip, April 1952
Centre College honor system
Student Informational Bulletin series
Proposal for a trial of co-ed residences; proposed constitution for self-government
Letter from Don Blackburn, President, Student Congress, to all students, February 13, 1969
Letter from Eric Mount to the Centre College community, May 8, 1970
Environmental Awareness Group meeting
Memo on elections
Spring Fling
Inter-office memo to all students in summer school from Recorder's Office, June 19, 1979
Correspondence to James Ernest Hall
Notice to students, faculty, and administration from Alumni Office, April 16, 1970
Letter to President of United States and members of Congress from Centre College community
Forms to apply for excuse of absence
Kentucky College for Women permission slip
CC-9 Dean of Students/Student Affairs
Series B Student Lists
Folder 1Miscellaneous geographical student lists
Class of 1928 list
Student enrollment list, 1970-1971
Constitution of Student Government (1968 revision)
Spring term senior class, 1967-1968
New students, second semester, 1949-1950
Newspaper article "Centre women students make success of their self-government"
Men's Student Council proposed budget, 1950-1951
CC-9.1 Max Cavnes Papers
Box 1
Folder 1Academic Council
Folder 2Administration/Faculty/Staff lists
Folder 3Advisers
Folder 4Advisory Board
Folder 5Alcohol/Drugs
Folder 6Automobiles/Bicycles/Pets
Folder 7Chapel
Folder 8Council V
Folder 9Danville
Folder 10Dean's List
Folders 11-17Dormitory/Fraternity rosters
Folder 18Enrollment/Registration
Folder 19Executive Council
Folder 20Faculty - Appointments
Folder 21Faculty - Committees/Councils
Folder 22Fines
Folder 23Fraternities - Correspondence
Folder 24Fraternities - Inter-Fraternity Council
Folder 25Fraternities - Miscellaneous
Folder 26Fraternities - Rush/Initiation/Pledging
Folder 27Fraternities - Scholarship
CC-9.1 Max Cavnes Papers
Box 1
Folder 1Grades/Academic Rank/Graduate Record Exam
Folder 2Grading system
Folder 3Memorandum
Folder 4Miscellaneous
Folder 5Operation Companion
Folder 6Policy Cabinet
Folder 7Probation/Suspension
Folder 8Residence/Co-ed dorms/Visitation
Folder 9Scholarships
Folder 10Student Congress
Folder 11Student lists
Folder 12Student officers
Folder 13Student rights
Folder 14Student geographical lists
Folder 15Ollie Lee Taylor
CC-9.4 Student Activities
Folder 1Student Life at Centre, April 1997-date; Student Life Office Assessment Tool, Fall 1997
CC-9.8 Public Safety
Folder 1Centre Crime Statistics, 1993/94-date; Public Safety Bulletin, Sept. 1997-date
CC-9.9 Career Services
Folder 1A Faculty Guide to Centre College Career Services