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Collection Outline
  • CC-16.1 General
  • CC-16.2 Biochemistry/Molecular Biology*
  • CC-16.3 Biology*
  • CC-16.4 Chemical Physics*
  • CC-16.5 Chemistry
  • CC-16.6 Computer Science*
  • CC-16.7 Mathematics*
  • CC-16.8 Physics*
  • CC-16.9 Psychobiology*
  • CC-16.10 Psychology

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Collection Inventory
CC-16.1 General
Folder 1Analytical statement, 1902/03 session; order list of Prof. Rainey to Bausch & Lomb Optical Co., Sept. 22, 1909; Rainey, Frank L. "The place of the sciences in Centre College" in Chi Beta Phi Record, May, 1932
Folder 2Miscellaneous material relating to the Oak Ridge Program, dated 1973-1974
CC-16.5 Chemistry
Folder 1Miscellaneous papers
CC-16.10 Psychology
Folder 1Givens, S. and Brown, D. "The history of psychology at Centre College"