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Centre College Faculty Collections

Collection Outline
  • CC-20.1 Salvador DeSoto
  • CC-20-2 George C. Schaeffer
  • CC-20.3 Jacob Cooper
  • CC-20.4 Samuel B. Cheek
  • CC-20.5 James Venable Logan
  • CC-20.6 J. Proctor Knott
  • CC-20.7 Augustine Hart
  • CC-20.8 William Thompson
  • CC-20-9 E. Wilbur Cook
  • CC-20.10 John L. McKee
  • CC-20.11 Alton R. Hodgkins
  • CC-20.12 Frank H. Heck
  • CC-20.13 Robert Patterson
  • CC-20.14 Alfred B. Nelson
  • CC-20.15 Ruby M. Cheek
  • CC-20.16 Eric Mount
  • CC-20.17 David Newhall
  • CC-20.18 William Levin
  • CC-20.19 Richard Bradshaw
  • CC-20.20 Michael Hamm
  • CC-20.21 Milton Scarborough
  • CC-20.22 Charles Lee
Digital Archives

See Centre College Digital Archives for digitized versions of selected items from the following inventory

Collection Inventory
CC-20.1 Salvador DeSoto
Folder 1Correspondence, undated, and dated 1844-1864
Folder 1Miscellaneous notebooks and journals (some in German), undated, and dated 1858-1861
CC-20.2 George C. Schaeffer
Folder 1Manuscript biography, written by George C. Schaeffer, Jr., dated 1889
CC-20.3 Jacob Cooper
Folder 1Biography, by H. A. Scomp, dated 1904
CC-20.4 Samuel B. Cheek
Folder 1Titled essays, "The inaugural" concerning the inauguration of Lincoln, "Slavery in Kentucky", "Hymns", and "States rights"; book plates; map of Chicago; map of counties of Virginia; poem "Fifty years"; pamphlet What Wilt Thou?, or, Ask and Ye Shall Receive by "Stella"; miscellaneous untitled notes and essays
CC-20.5 James Venable Logan
Folder 1James Venable Logan by Harvey Glass; Presentation of Portrait of Dr. James V. Logan and Original Documents of Rev. David Rice, 1965
CC-20-6 J. Proctor Knott
Folder 1Contains the following items:
  • An Address to the People of Kentucky Speech in the Constitutional Convention, Wed., Oct. 8, 1890
  • Kentucky Society of St. Louis
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Argument in the Worlds Fair Case, Nov. 18, 1892
  • Kentucky School of Medicine, Doctorate Address, 1890
  • Kentucky Court of Appeals
  • Scotch-Irish Congress, 1899
  • U.S.. Circuit Court of Appeals, Breckinridge Co. vs. W V McCracken
  • Governor's Message, Dec. 31, 1883
  • Commonwealth vs. Flowler, Argument
  • Supreme Court of the U.S. ; Oct. 1889 Indiana vs. Kentucky
  • Duluth! Speech delivered in the House of Representatives
  • Cento, Nov. 1900. Duluth Speech
  • Speech on Duluth. (P. Jordan, ed.)
  • Diploma from Alumni Council of Mercersburg Academy, 1959
CC-20.7 Augustine Hart
Folder 1Correspondence, photographs, and printed pamphlet describing Caldwell Institute
CC-20.8 William Thompson
Folder 1Letter to his son, dated June 10, 1833
CC-20.9 E. Wilbur Cook
Folder 1Correspondence, dated, September 20, 1942-Decembe 25, 1945; miscellaneous invitations
CC-20.10 John L. McKee
Volume 1Abstract of book on logic, dated 1890
Volume 2Notes on evidences of Christianity
Volume 3Notes on lectures
Volume 4Miscellaneous notes
Folder 1Miscellaneous biographical material
Folder 2Tributes
Folder 3Miscellaneous writings
Folder 4Miscellaneous writings and notes
Folder 5Miscellaneous writings and notes
CC-20.11 Alton R. Hodgkins Papers
Folder 1Correspondence with Archibald MacLeish, dated August 17, 1942 and September 1, 1942; correspondence with Dorothy Thompson, undated, and dated April 9, 1951
Folder 2The American Standard of Living. 1937 (typescript)
Folder 3Another copy. Title page has The Uses of Wealth
Folder 4Campomanes: A Representative Spanish Economist of the Time of Adam Smith. 1929 (typescript) Dissertation
Folder 5Another copy
Folder 6The Five and Twenty First Principles. 1938 (typescript)
Folder 7Fourth Wife. n.d. (typescript) "By Gilchrist Ross"
Folder 8Immigration and Land-Settlement Legislation in South America n.d. (typescript) 2 copies
Folder 9The Impasse of Individualism. 1945 (typescript)
Folder 10The Increasing Dependence of Temperate Countries Upon the Tropics in the Twentieth Century. n.d. (typescript
Folder 11The Insanity of Systems, n.d. (typescript) "By Alexander Ross"
Folder 12Another copy
Folder 13Mr. Secretary Bumpus. 1942 (typescript) Includes correspondence with Alice Krauser
Folder 14Another copy
Folder 15Another copy
Folder 16Must We Be Good To Be Safe. n.d. (typescript)
Folder 17Nebby. n.d. (typescript)
Folder 18Notes on the Hayek Case. n.d. (typescript)
Folder 19The Outlawing of the Closed Shop. n.d. (typescript)
Folder 29Reflections on Economic Imperialism. n.d. (typescript)
Folder 21A Sense of Values. n.d. (typescript) Tanks and Teaching, n.d. (typescript)
Folder 22Tio Sam and His Wards. 1925? (typescript) Includes correspondence from editor of American Review (2 copies)
Folder 23The Twilight of Rhetoric. n.d. (typescript) "By Alexander Ross" (2 copies)
Folder 24Unsent Letter to a Young Man Contemplating the Academic Life. 1946? (typescript) Includes letter to editor to editor of The American Mercury (2 copies)
Folder 25Walden - 1947. 1946? (typescript) "By Alexander Ross" (2 copies)
Folder 26Young Love. n.d. (typescript)
Folder 27Untitled "As the world approaches its greatest historical crisis..." n.d. (holograph)
Volume 1Program from the Southwestern Social Science Association annual meeting, 1947
Volume 2Loyola Law Review. June 1946. Includes book review by Hodgkins The Eleusis of Chi Omega. November 1944
CC-20.12 Frank H. Heck Papers
For material pertaining to Frank H. Heck's years as Dean of the College, see CC-3.3 Dean of the College
Folder 1Centre College - History
Folder 2Division II
Folder 3Government Department
Folder 4History Department
Folder 5History Department - Budget
Folder 6History Department - Majors
Folder 7History Department - Vacancies
Folder 8Memorandum to faculty
Folder 9Earl M. Ratzer
Folder 10Round Table
Folder 11Self-study, 1972-1974
Folder 12Self-study, 1972-1974 - Board of Trustee extracts
Folder 13Thomas Spragens
Folder 14John C. Young
Folder 15Anaconda Club, October 1957-May 1965
Folder 16Anaconda Club papers
Folder 17Anaconda Club, Nov. 1974
Folder 18Anaconda Club programs
CC-20.13 Robert Patterson
Folder 1Elizabeth Patterson "War Reminiscences", undated photocopy of newspaper artices concerning Danville during the Civil War
CC-20.14 Alfred B. Nelson
Folder 1Miscellaneous correspondence, undated, and dated 1873-1890
CC-20.15 Ruby M. Cheek
Folder 1Letter to Genie Moss, dated November 11, 1921; describes celebration in Danville following Centre's football victory over Harvard in 1921. Gift of Jane Ann Dozier
CC-20.16 Eric Mount
Box 1Miscellaneous articles, papers, addresses, etc.
Box 2Miscellaneous printed publications
CC-20.17 David Newhall
Box 1Photocopies of miscellaneous articles
CC-20.18 William Levin
Box 1Photocopies of miscellaneous articles
CC-20.19 Richard Bradshaw
Box 1Photocopies of miscellaneous articles
Box 2Photocopies of miscellaneous articles
CC-20.20 Michael Hamm
Folder 1Faculty Friday Hour, April 26, 2013 (DVD)
CC-20.21 Milton Scarborough
Folder 1Miscellaneous material relating to exchange agreement between Centre College and Prefectural University (Japan)
CC-20.22 Charles Lee
Box 1Unorganized miscellaneous material