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Collection Outline
Collection Inventory
CC-23.1A Early Centre College Photograph Collection

This collection consists of photographic prints dating from the nineteenth century to the 1960s. All have been digitized. The images with their descriptive metadata can be browsed or searched at Oversize photographs from this collection are located in the top drawer of the flat map case. The images in Omeka are scaled jpeg files suitable for viewing. Each photograph is also available in a tiff format, scanned at 100% size, 24-bit color, and 400 dpi.

Sub-groups include:

  • 01 Caldwell College and Kentucky College for Women
  • 03 Athletics
  • 04 Buildings and Campus
  • 05 Students
  • 06 Faculty and Presidents
  • 07 Danville and Boyle County
  • 08 Student Social Life
CC-23.1B Charles A. Thomas Photograph Collection

Charles A. Thomas served as Centre's official photographer during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Although characterized by his often formal and posed style, Thomas captured the college during a period of tremendous growth and change in the campus and student body. Thomas also taught printing at the Kentucky School for the Deaf.

All the prints in this collection have been digitized and can be browsed or searched at The images in Omeka are scaled jpeg files suitable for viewing. Each photograph is also available in a tiff format, scanned at 100%, 8-bit grayscale, and 300 dpi.

Sub-groupings include:

  • Kentucky College for Women Series
  • Centre College Series
CC-23.1C Charles A. Thomas Photograph Collection (Not Digitized)

The photographs in this collection have not been digitized. Many of the prints aren't dated or identified. Sub-groups include:

Box 1Athletics
Box 2Baseball and Basketball
Box 3Football
Box 4Alumni and Buildings
Box 5Carnival
Box 6Commencement and Fine Arts
Box 7Fraternities and Homecoming
Box 8Students
Box 9Students
CC-23.2 Rolled Photographs (Not Digitized)
  • Caldwell College students, undated, but circa 1910 (2 copies)
  • Centenary football team, dated 1922; players are identified
  • Centre students, undated but circa 1920-1922; Old Young, Old Main, and Carnegie Library visible in background (2 copies)
  • Centre students and faculty, dated December 1920, outside Old Main
  • Centre students and faculty, dated 1926, outside Old Main
  • Centre students, dated 1927
  • Centre students, dated 1932, outside Old Main
  • Centre vs. Harvard football game at Harvard Stadium, dated October 23, 1920
  • Football team at Fort Worth, Texas, dated 1920-21
  • Football team, dated 1923
  • Football team at the White House, dated 1925
  • Football team, undated (c. 1930s)
  • KCW students, undated but circa 1920s
  • KCW faculty and staff, dated December 1927
  • Kentucky Presbyterian Synod members at an undated meeting on the KCW campus
CC-23.3 Slides (Not Digitized)
Box 1Miscellaneous slides
Box 2Miscellaneous slides
Box 3Miscellaneous slides
CC-23.4 Negatives (Not Digitized)
Box 1Miscellaneous negatives
CC-23.5 Miscellaneous (Not Digitized)
Box 1Miscellaneous photographs and slides
Box 2Old Centre renovation
Box 3Alumni slide program, 1977
Box 4Centre College show, 1985
CC-23.6 Slides (Not Digitized)
This collection of color slides dates from the 1980s, and consists of miscellaneous views of Centre College buildings, students, events, and athletics.
Box 1Academic affairs
Box 2Alumni affairs
Box 3Campus buildings
Box 4Campus buildings
Box 5Campus buildings
Box 6Commencement
Box 7Faculty and students
Box 8Homecoming
Box 9Kentucky
Box 10Miscellaneous
Box 11Norton Center
Box 12Norton Center
Box 13Sports
Box 14Sports
Box 15Student affairs
Box 16Students
Box 17Students
Box 18Students
CC-23.7 Oversize Photographs
Box 1Miscellaneous oversize photographic prints
CC-23.7 Photograph Albums
Volume 1Graduates, Class of 1878-79
Volume 2Howard A. Dorsey, 1908-09
Volume 3Professors and graduates, Class of 1878
Volume 4Ruby Cheek album. Caldwell College class photographs