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CC-32 Student Essays and Papers
Westlake AddamsThe Church from Paul to Boniface VIIClass of 1946
M.M. AllenOrigin and Growth of the Drama with Special Reference to the EnglishJan. 1, 1884
George Barbour England's Literary Debt to Italy Class of 1883
George Barbour Words and Actions April 30, 1883
J. W. Bell England's Literary Debt to Italy 
J. W. Bell Facta et Dicta Class of 1883
B. F. Blakeman England's Literary Debt to Italy 1883
B. F. Blakeman Words and Actions 
H. K. Bourne Growth of Drama Jan. l, 1884
James Burgin Actions and Words April 30, 1883
Burgin The Debt of English to Italian Literature 
Beverly Chatham Cellulose in Industry
John Cowan Facta et Dicta Class of 1883
G. C. Cowles Dicta et Facta April 13, 1883
G. C. Cowles England's Literary Debt to Italy Dec. 28, 1882
G. E. Davis Kentucky's Part in the War of 1812 
G. Z. Dimmitt The Drama Class of 1884
Richard William Dunlap The English Familiar Essay of Man and Manners June 1, 1916
Walton Eastland Kentucky's Part in the War of 1812 
English 322 John Donne's "Elegy VI" May, 1965
Hardin Craig The Philosophy of Thomas Carlyle Class of 1897
Andrew Evans The Modern Epic... 
Freshman Prize EssaysConcerning Improvements on 1940's Centre's Campus- by: David Cox, Judy Robinson Rogers, Phillip Hamer, Kaye Leftwich, David May, Mary Meriwether, Jane Powell 
Speed S. Fry, Jr. England's Literary Debt to Italy Jan. 5, 1883
Sharon Gill in Journal of Phi Sigma Tau Nov., 1968
H. C. Grant Dicta et Facta Class of 1883
H. Grider The Modern Epic... Class of 1882
Wm. Barnett Guerrant The Religion of Robert Browning June 5, 1914
J. W. Guest, Jr. Origins and Growth of the Drama 1884
Jean Guthrie Hydroponics (Soilless Growth of Plants) Dec. 5, 1945
Chenault Huguely Lee June 14, 1899
Edgar E. Hume, Jr. Old Germanic Customs and Characteristics and their Reflection in the Nibelungenlied 
Clarence McAlister England's Literary Debt to Italy 
Clarence McAlister Words and Actions 
Virginia McGregor A Comparison of Shakespear's As You Like It with Its Source 
James L. McKee Words and Deeds Class of 1883
R. G. McKee Origins and Growth of the Drama... 
T. S. McWilliams Kentucky's Part in the War of 1812 May 21, 1886
B. H. Magruder The Modern Epic Class of 1882
R. Emmitt Marrs Henry M. Grady 
Harry Edwin Martin The Authorian Legend in 19th Century English Poetry June 12, 1912
William Kenney MassieEngland's Literary Debt to Italy Class of 1883
William Kenney Massie Facta et Dicta Class of 1883
Erasmus D. Merrifield The Advantages of Education 1860
Charles W. Metcalfe, Jr. Dicta Factague May 1, 1883
Ernest Cox Miller The Development of the Ideal of Liberty in Schiller 1914
G. E. Moore Origin and Growth of the Drama 
E. C. Newlin The English Language Jan., 1881
W. P. Nicholas Actions and Words 
W. P. Nicholas England's Literary Debt to Italy 
W. J. Overstreet The Modern Epic... April 15, 1882
John Pilkington,Jr. Percy Bysshe Shelley: Romanticist Aug. 24, 1940
R. L. Pulliam Actions and Words May 1, 1883
R. L. Pulliam England's Literary Debt to Italy Jan. 2, 1883
S. J. Pulliam The War of 1812 
H. C. Read Facta Dictague May 3, 1883
Angelique Robey Kent State and Student Activism at Centre College Dec. 10. 1982
D. L. Robinson The Early Settlement of Louisville 
A. Rogers The Origins and Growth of the Drama Jan. 1, 1884
Rouse Kentucky's Part in the War of 1812 
W. Samuel The Origins and Growth of the Drama 
W. P. Sandridge The Origins and Growth of the Drama Class of 1884
P. G. Smoot England's Literary Debt to Italy 
P.G. Smoot Essay Class of 1883
Stanley Stephenson Ozone: Strastospheric Poison 1941
Elnor Stith The Mountaineer-Poet of Kentucky May 14, 1937
W.R. Stout Origins and Growth of the Drama 
Lucile Thompson Elizabeth Maddox Roberts 
J.T. Tunis England's Literary Debt to Italy Dec. 21, 1882
J.T. Tunis Words and Actions April 1, 1883
Union Worthington England's Literary Debt to England 
Union Worthington Words and Actions 


  • Subjects of Senior Speeches
  • Unidentified Page of Essays
  • Pages 3-4 of Essay

Cowan Prize Papers:

  • Edwin Arlington Robinson
  • Edna St. Vincent Millay
  • The Race Who Knew Joseph
  • Egotosm in Byron's Poetry
  • A Dramatically Arid Age
CC-32.1 Watson Proposals
  • Biddle, Perry, 1986
  • Buford, Chuck, 1982
  • Cox, Kendall, 1987
  • Ford, Joseph, 1980
  • Fowler, Allen, 1982
  • Gabler, David, n.d.
  • Henry, Debi, 1982
  • Hutchins, Pat, n.d.
  • Kouns, Nick, 1986
  • Leech, J. Charles, 1986
  • Leppig, Linda, 1982
  • Levy, Sarah, 1980
  • Mick, Terri, 1982
  • Richter, Samantha, 1982
  • Rogalinski, Chip, n.d.
  • Scales, Grace, 1979
  • Scott, Dickey Jo, 1982
  • Smock, Bill, 1980
  • Stafford, Paula, 1986
  • Streible, Susan, n.d.
  • Vahlkamp, Jane, 1987
  • Weber, David, n.d.
CC-32.2 Student Research Papers - History of Centre College
  • Arthur, Mary. A study of Centre College yearbooks. 1976
  • Elsea, Chris. Centre College during the Civil War, 1861-1865. 1976
  • Gregory, Jane. Consolidation: Centre College and Central University. 1976
  • Johnson, Carol. The life of the Ephraim McDowell House. 1974
  • Mitchell, Joe. History of Centre baseball. 2006 (CD-ROM)
  • Pearson, Lisa Feth. Centre College in the midst of the anti-slavery movement. 1997
  • Pearson, Sara. If you count the girls: the administrative merger of Centre College and Kentucky College for Women. 1995
  • Phillips, Hank. Flight of a meteor: de-emphasis of football at Centre College. 1976
  • Rauh, Kathy. Centre College during World War II, 1941-1945. 1976
  • Rigrish, Rosanne. Centre College of Kentucky: expansion of the physical plant, 1959-1969. 1976
  • Smith, Mason. College humor at Centre, 1854 and 1954. 1976
  • Ziegler, Valarie. Centre 6 - Harvard 0, 1921. 1976
The following papers were done for Professor Murray’s History 462 class on slavery during Centre Term 2012
  • Anonymous. Beriah Mcgoffin.
  • Anonymous. Ephraim McDowell.
  • Anonymous. A Speed of Light.
  • Anonymous. Ormond Beatty’s Relationship to Slavery and Centre.
  • Bocook, Ali Centre’s Struggle with Slavery During the Presidency of John C. Young.
  • Burnett, Brittany. Literary Societies.
  • McRoberts, Al. Remembering the Injustice of the Past.
  • Ransdall, Jim. Will Work for Food: Centre’s Hired Hands.
CC-32.3 Centre Practices
Folder 1Student essays on miscellaneous Centre practices, 2001
CC-32.4 Fulbright Applications
Folder 1Sample applications
CC-32.5 American Environment History (His 361)
Folder 1Student papers from American Environmental History (His 361), Fall 2012