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Centre College History

Collection Outline
Collection Description

CC-33 Miscellaneous Manuscripts/Centre History contains various items discussing the College's history. Among the topics covered are Caldwell College, Kentucky College for Women, the Women's Department, consolidation of Centre-Central University, and topics dating from specific time periods. Church related subjects, general histories of Centre, education, Danville-Boyle County history, and bibliographies are also found in the collection. Included are booklets, leaflets, rough copies, essays, and loose-leaf papers. Dates covered vary from 1819 to 1969; however all of these dates are not individually covered in the materials. All of the materials are alphabetically arranged by folder and materials within the folder also arranged alphabetically.

Collection Inventory
Series A Bibliographies and Notes
  • Historical data materials from the files of Raymond L. Handlin (n.d.)
  • List of documents pertaining to Centre College (n.d.)
  • List of materials on Danville and Centre College available at Western Kentucky State College (n.d.)
  • Research articles on the history of Centre College (n.d.)
  • Calendar of documents relating to the history of Centre College in the Breckinridge Family Papers, Library of Congress
  • Centre College Chronology
  • Centre through the years (chart) by Clarence Wyatt
  • Notes on historical items
Series B General History
  • Allen, C.E. "Centre College" (n.d.)
  • Central University of Kentucky: Origin (n.d.)
  • Centre College (n.d.)
  • Cowan, J.R. "A brief history of Centre College" (1944)
  • Historical data(1964)
  • History of Centre College (n.d.)
  • The kind of education democracy needs (n.d.)
  • Turck, Charles J. "Centre College" (1936)
  • Turck, Charles J. "Centre College of Kentucky" in Kentucky
  • Progress Magazine (1930)
  • Turck, Charles J. "The story of Centre College" (1928)
  • Blakely, J.C. "A history of Centre College"
  • Bruce, George Howard "What Centre College has done for me" (n.d.)
  • Centre College (1950)
  • Centre College (n.d.)
  • Gifford, J.D. "Sal Fayne salutes: Centre College" (1952) radio program
  • Hewlett, James H. "A brief history of the Kentucky Association of Colleges and Universities" (1945) reprint from Southern Association Quarterly
  • Hewlett, James H. "Centre College 125th anniversary" in In Kentucky (1944)
  • Hewlett, James H. "Historical sketch of Centre College in Kentucky" reprint from Southern Association Quarterly (1941)
  • The hope of democracy is an adequate leadership (n.d.)
  • Lingle, Walter L. "A day at Centre College" in Christian Observer (1939)
  • Montgomery, R. Ames "History of Centre College goes back to pioneer days" (n.d.)
  • "25th anniversary - Centre College: Radio talk (n.d.)
  • What Centre College has done (n.d.) quotations from various sources
  • Wilson, Woodrow "Statement to Alumni Association of Princeton" (1903)
  • Yerkes, John W. "Some words about Centre College" (1922)
  • Craig, Hardin. Centre College of Kentucky (typed draft of book)
Series C History - 1819-1830
  • Brown, John "Excerpt from letter ... to his brother, Dr. Samuel Brown in Philadelphia" (1819) photocopy
  • Cooke, James T. "Location of Dr. Rice's farm" (1935)
  • The founding of Centre College (n.d.)
  • Hewlett, James H. Centre College in Kentucky, 1819-1830 (1944)
Series D History - 1830-1857
  • Groves, Walter A. Centre College - the Second Phase, 1830-1857 (1950)
  • Turck, Charles J. "Centre College, 1846-1850" (1930)
Series E History - 1857-1900
  • Caldwell, I. "Centre College, 1857-1869" (1942) paper read before Ye Rounde Table
  • Smith, J. Peter "Centre College, 1860-1865" (1959)
Series F History - 1900-
  • Blanton, L.H. Consolidation of Central University and Centre College (1901)
  • Centre College is busily preparing for the 111 session (1930)
  • Newlin, Edgar C. "Centre College in 1969 with emphasis on the next five years" (1969)
  • Review of institutional developments from 1960-1973
Series G Alumni
  • Centre's contribution to leadership of the nation (n.d.)
  • The contributions of Centre College to education (1935)
  • A memorandum on Centre and Who's Who in America (n.d.)
Series H Army Air Corps
  • Brief history of the Army Air Corps
  • Cleaves, Mildred "Old Centre reconverts to peacetime production: revamped curriculum to aid returning servicemen" in In Kentucky (1946)
Series I Caldwell/KCW/Women's Department
  • Chronology (1961)
  • History of KCW (n.d.)
  • History of the Women's Department of Centre College of Kentucky (1937)
  • Women's Department of Centre College: Sketch of the College (n.d.)
  • Pearson, Sara J. "If you count the girls: the (administrative) merger of Centre College and Kentucky College for Women" (1995) (photocopy of typescript)
Series J Central University (Richmond)
  • Dorris, Jonathan T. Central University, Richmond, Kentucky (1934) reprint from the Register of the Kentucky Historical Society
Series K Danville
  • Centre College and Danville (1952)
  • Centre College as an exponent of Danville industry (n.d.)
  • Danville promotion (n.d.) incomplete
  • Proclamation, City of Danville to Centre College (1967)
  • Economic impact of Centre College on Danville (1952)
Series L Fund Raising
  • The record of Centre College
Series M Legal History
  • Turck, Charles J. "The legal history of Centre College" (n.d.)
Series N Library
  • Sketch of the Centre College Library in The Presbyterian (1937)
  • Sketch of the Centre College Library (1937)
Series O Miscellaneous
  • Horky House, Craik House, & McMortry, R.G. "Centre College, John Todd Stuart & Abraham Lincoln"
  • "Greeting from Danville" in Old Centre (n.d.)
Series P Old Centre
  • Adams, Michael F. "Old Centre: revisited and reborn"
  • Old Centre Chronology (1984)
  • Application for placement on National Register of Historic Places (1990)
Series Q Presbyterian Church
  • Centre College is a Christian college (n.d.)
  • Groves, Walter A. "A school of the prophets at Danville" (1953) paper read before the Filson Club
  • Turck, Charles J. "Education and Presbyterianism in Kentucky (1933) address delivered at 150th anniversary of establishment of Presbyterianism in Kentucky, Harrodsburg, Ky.
  • The Synods and Centre College
  • "Centre College & the Presbyterians" by Norman L. Snider from Ky. His Soc Reg.
  • "Centre College and the Presbyterian Churches in the Spragens Era" by Eric Mount (typescript - 2 copies)