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Centre College Alumni Papers

Collection Outline
  • CC-35.1 Alben Barkley
  • CC-35.2 John Young Craft Family
  • CC-35.3 Edgar Allen Diddle
  • CC-35.4 Rudolf P. Gilcher
  • CC-35.5 Adlai E. Stevenson
  • CC-35.6 Thomas Bracker Tate
  • CC-35.7 George Vest
  • CC-35.8 Lindsey Blayney
  • CC-35.9 LeCompte Davis
  • CC-35.10 Hardin Craig
  • CC-35.11 William M. Paxton
  • CC-35.12 John Rice Cowan
  • CC-35.13 W. Chauncey Alcock
  • CC-35.14 John D. Jackson
  • CC-35.15 Frederick M. Vinson
  • CC-35.16 John Sherman Cooper
  • CC-35.17 DeWitt Clinton Fort
  • CC-35.18 James Haggin
  • CC-35.19 H.E. Kimmel
  • CC-35.20 William R. Brown
  • CC-35.21 Mark L. Williams
  • CC-35.22 Ollie Lee Taylor
  • CC-35.23 Arthur W. Johnston
  • CC-35.24 John Todd Stuart
  • CC-35.25 Given Campbell
  • CC-35.26 Leo Gruszkowski, Class of 1939
  • CC-35.27 Thomas R. Welch
Collection Inventory
CC-35.1 Alben Barkley
Folder 1Check to Barkley from Centre dated October 16, 1931
CC-35.2 John Young Craft Family
Folder 1Miscellaneous photocopies from newspapers and other sources
CC-35.3 Edgar Allen Diddle
Folder 1Miscellaneous photocopies of alumni information, news releases, and newspaper articles
CC-35.5 Adlai E. Stevenson
Folder 1Letter to Rev. E.F. Strickland, dated November 24, 1898 (mounted on backing board)
CC-35.6 Thomas Bracker Tate
Folder 1Miscellaneous correspondence, dated August 28, 1911, to March 18, 1912 (nine items).
CC-35.7 George G. Vest, Class of 1848
Folder 1Three letters to Rev. Gelon H. Rout, Centre College Class of 1849, dated May 19, 1853, to December 7, 1883.
CC-35.8 Thomas Lindsey Blayney
Folder 1Correspondence, 1921-1924
Folder 2Miscellaneous: newspaper clippings, publications, etc.
Folder 3Miscellaneous: typed tributes, family biographies, etc., 1970s
Folder 4Photographs
Book 1"Report to the Trustees", Kahn Foundation for the Foreign Travel of American Teachers, vol. 4, no. 2 (1917)
Book 2"The History of Art in the College Curriculum", Proceedings of the First Annual Convention of the American Federation of Arts, vol. 1, no. 9 (1910)
Book 3"The German Prose Laboratory at Carleton", Monatschefte fur Deutschen Unterricht, vol. 27, no. 3 (1935)
Book 4"A Glimpse of German University Life", The Cento, March 1905
Book 5"German Literature and Liberalized Scholarship", Modern Language Journal (March 1924)
Book 6"The Liberal Arts College in the New South", South Atlantic Quarterly (April 1912)
Book 7"The Renaissance of the Liberal Arts College", Sewanee Review (April 1912)
Book 8"The History of Art as a College Discipline", Education (September 1910)
Book 9Thomas Moore: ein irischer Dichter, 1906
Book 10The Christian Tradition in the Liberal Arts College, address delivered on the inauguration of Walter A. Groves, 1947
CC-35.9 LeCompte Davis, Class of 1884
Folder 1Three letters to Davis from Noah Osburn, dated September 8-October 18, 1955; one letter to Davis from Mary and Marion Osburn, dated October 21, 1955; photocopies of miscellaneous newspaper articles about Davis.
CC-35.10 Hardin Craig
CC-35.11 William M. Paxton, Class of 1839
Volume 1Poems. Kansas City, MO.: Ramsey, Millett & Hudson, 1887
Volume 1A Century Hence, and Other Poems. Kansas City, MO.: Ramsey, Millett & Hudson, 1880
CC-35.12 John Rice Cowan, Class of 1890
Folder 1Photocopies of miscellaneous items: alumni questionnaire, correspondence, and newspaper clippings.
CC-35.13 W. Chauncey Alcock
Folder 1Two blank ham radio cards.
CC-35.14 John D. Jackson
Volume 1Toner, J.M. and L.S. McMurtry. A Biographical Sketch of John D. Jackson, M.D., of Danville, Ky. Louisville, 1876.
CC-35.15 Frederick M. Vinson
Folder 1Photocopy of article from June 24, 1946 issue of Life.
CC-35.16 John Sherman Cooper
Folder 1Tributes to the Honorable John Sherman Cooper of Kentucky in the United States Senate , Upon the Occasion of His Retirement From the Senate. Washington, D.C.: GPO, 1972. (2 copies)
CC-35.17 DeWitt Clinton Fort, Class of 1850
Folder 1Miscellaneous biographical material.
CC-35.18 James Haggin
Folder 1Miscellaneous biographical material.
CC-35.19 H.E. Kimmel
Folder 1Photocopy of letter to Rev. Benjamin Andres, November 20, 1944.
CC-35.20 William R. Brown, Class of 1862
Folder 1Photocopy of biographical sketch by David E. Radcliffe, October 10, 2003.
CC-35.21 Mark L. Williams, Class of 1932
Folder 1Copy of newspaper obituary.
CC-35.22 Ollie Lee Taylor
Folder 1Copy of autobiographical sketch, dated Summer 2006.
CC-35.23 Arthur W. Johnstone
Folder 1Photocopy of obituary from the Cincinnati Enquirer, September 29, 1905.
CC-35.24 John Todd Stuart
Folder 1Miscellaneous material relating to Strike Up the Band: Lincoln Comes Home, a play about Stuart and Lincoln written by Mike Norris.
CC-35.25 Given Campbell
Folder 1Manuscript letter to Cambell from his father, dated November 27, 1856; copy of biographical sketch from the St. Louis Bar Journal, Spring 2006.
CC-35.26 Leo Gruszkowski, Class of 1939
Folder 1Miscellaneous biographical material.
CC-35.27 Thomas R. Welch
Folder 1A Discourse Commemorative of the Life, Character and Services of the Rev. Thomas Rice Welch, D.D. Delivered Before the Synod of Arkansas. St. Louis: Farris, Smith &. Co., 1886. (photocopy); B.S. Johnson. "A Short Biographical Sketch of Rev. Thomas Rice Welch, D.D." from The History of Presbyterianism in Arkansas. (photocopy)