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Audio Tapes and Records

Collection Inventory
CC-40.1A Reel-to-Reel Tapes - Addresses, Speeches, Panels
Tape 1Thomas Spragens - Statre of the College address (January 21, 1969)
Tape 2John Frazier - Review of 1959-1960
Tape 3Thomas Spragens "Day of Concern" interview, WHIR (May 9, 1970)
Tape 4Ray Handlin at retreat meeting (1971)
Tape 5KCPRA Panel "What's New in Higher Education" Dick Wilson, moderator; Harri Snyder and John Frazier (March 1977)
Tape 6Joe Creason "Kentucky Folklore, Real or Imagined"
Tape 7Miscellaneous (Saul Alinski, Rev. John R. Fry, R. Buckminster Fuller, Sen. Vance Hartke speech with responses by Hartke's aide and Dr. H. Hatcher, Dr. H. Hatcher, Mayor Richard Harcher, Diagogue: Hatcher, Wood, and Maloney, Dr. A Montague, Dr. Robert Wood)
CC-40.1B Reel-to-Reel Tapes - Alumni
Tape 1Class agents (1965-1966); includes John Frazier and educational outlook and Thomas Spragens on building program, decision to build science hall, rationale of proposed curriculum change, and outlook on enrollment.
CC-40.1C Reel-to-Reel Tapes - Convocations
Tape 1Sesquecentennial - Enos Swain, Thomas Spragens, Gov. Louis B. Nunn (January 25, 1969)
Tape 2Frank H. Heck "The Golden Age of Centre College" (January 23, 1975)
CC-40.1D Reel-to-Reel Tapes - Faculty
Tape 1Faculty meeting; integrative studies; adoption of new curriculum
CC-40.1E Reel-to-Reel Tapes - Fine Arts
Tape 1Centre Singers with Frankfort Community Choir (October 31, 1976)
Tape 2Centre-Community Orchestra (April 30, 1978)
Tape 3Centre-Community Orchestra (December 2, 1976)
Tape 4Centre-Berea Orchestra concert (November 4, 1975)
Tape 5Centre-Berea Chamber Orchestra (February 6, 1975)
Tape 6Centre Choir, Spring concert (1975)
Tape 7Centre Choir, Fall concert (December 9, 1975(
Tape 8Centre Choir, Christmas concert (1975)
Tape 9Centre Choir concert (December 7, 1976)
Tape 10Centre Choir, Mozart Requiem (March 28, 1977)
Tape 11Centre Choir, Spring concert (1977)
Tape 12Centre Choir, concert (May 1978)
Tape 13Centre Choir, Christmas concert (1978)
Tape 14Centre Choir, The Unicorn - Menotti
Tape 15Centre Singers (December 12, 1974; December 9, 1975; October 31, 1976; March 4, 1977)
Tape 16Chamber Singers (December 1975)
Tape 17Centre Choir, Vivaldi rehearsal (December 6, 1976)
Tape 18Centre Chorus and Orchestra, Christmas concert (December 12, 1974)
Tape 19Centre Chorus and Orchestra, Spring concert (May 17, 1979)
Tape 20Centre College Alma Mater "Centre Dear"
Tape 21Promotional for the Regional Arts Center: 30-second commercial for the 1976-77 Artist series; 30-second commercial for Death Trap, 1979; promotional for The Wiz
CC-40.1F Reel-to-Reel Tapes - Holidays and Festivals
Tape 1Thomas Spragens, Sesquicentennial luncheon (January 25, 1969)
CC-40.1G Reel-to-Reel Tapes - Miscellaneous
Tape 1Dr. Leroy W. Ullrich funeral (July 29, 1968)
Tape 2"Sounds of Centre" - radio broadcast
CC-40.2A Cassettes - Athletics
Tape 1NCAA Basketball - Centre vs. Potsdam, semi-finals (1979)
Tape 2NCAA Basketball - Centre vs. Frnklin and Marshall, consolation (1979)
Tape 3George Chinn and Norris Armstrong with Red Roberts story
CC-40.2B Cassettes - Commencement
Tape 1James H. Evans, Chair-elect, Board of Trustees (1979)
Tape 2William W. Webster, Director of FBI (1981)
Tape 3Richar L. Morrill, President-elect, Centre College. Parts 1-2 (1982); includes transcript
Tape 4E.C. Reckard "A Particlular Intensity" (1983); includes transcript
Tape 5Rev. Wallace Alston, Jr., Baccalaureate sermon (June 3, 1979)
Tape 6Commencement (June 2, 1985)
Tape 7Commencement (June 4, 1989)
Tape 8Baccalaureate (June 4, 1989)
CC-40.2C Cassettes - Convocations
Tape 1Alexander Heard, Chancellor of Vanderbilt University, with remarks by James Evans (November 11, 1977); on side 2 of Spragens interview for Centrepiece, Series H
Tape 2Ray Burse "A Dream Revisited - Martin Luther King, Jr." (January 16, 1979)
Tape 3E.C. Reckard, Founders Day (January 23, 1979)
Tape 4Anthony Lewis "Constitutional Rights and Duties of the Press" (March 20, 1979)
Tape 5Richard Morrill Opening Convocation (September 15, 1982)
Tape 6Frank H. Heck "The Golden Age of Centre College" January 23, 1975)
CC-40.2D Cassettes - Fine Arts
Tape 1Musica da Camera IV - Robert Weaver, piano (September 26, 1982)
Tape 2Musica da Camera IV - Rebecca Russell, soprano (March 10, 1983)
Tape 3Centre College Choir Fall concert (1976)
Tape 4Charlene Montgomery, piano music of Rudolph Gilcher (1984)
Tape 5Comments on Dr. E. Wilbur Cook
Tape 6Centre music in the 1920s and 30s
CC-40.2E Cassettes - Fundraising
Tape 1Isaac Shelby Society, first meeting (1972)
Tape 2Fund for the Future - Thomas Spragens interview (January 18, 1980)
Tape 3Fund for the Future - Campaign announcement, Channel 11 newscast (January 21, 1980)
Tape 4Fund for the Future - Campaign announcement, Channel 32 newscast (January 21, 1980)
Tape 5Fund for the Future - Lexington campaign announcement (January 21, 1980)
Tape 6Fund for the Future - Louisville campaign announcement (January 21, 1980)
CC-40.2F Cassettes - Homecoming
Tape 1Sylvia Porter "Jobs" (October 13, 1978)
CC-40.2G Cassettes - Miscellaneous
Tape 1Soundtrack to Centre College film
Tape 2Chenault Lake House dedication ()ctober 22, 1982)
Tape 3Anaconda 150th anniversary (December 29, 1989)
Tape 4-14Admission (set)
CC-40.2H Cassettes - Presidents
Tape 1Thomas Spragens, Parents Committee (April 30, 1977)
Tape 2Thomas Spragens, Centrepiece interview (November/December 1977)
Tape 3Thomas Spragens, Metz interview (June 30, 1981)
Tape 4Thomas Spragens, dinner honoring President Spragens by Danville merchants and Centre College Alumni Association (April 28, 1982); includes transcript
Tape 5Thomas Spragens, Rotary Club speech "How Centre College Liberal Arts Education Prepares Women for Their Changing Roles"
Tape 6Ricahrd Morrill, mid-year address (January 26, 1983)
Tape 7Ricahrd Morrill, installation luncheon (April23, 1983); includes transcript
Tape 8Ricahrd Morrill, installation ceremony (April 23, 1983); includes transcript
Tape 9E.C. Reckard, Acting President
CC-40.2I Cassettes - Programs
Tape 1Man's Future and America - Robert N. Bellah "Republican Virtue and the Future of America" (October 14-19, 1975)
Tape 2Man's Future and America - Sidney Callahan "America 2000" (October 14-19, 1975)
Tape 3Man's Future and America - Robert Coles "Resources for the Future" (October 14-19, 1975)
Tape 4Man's Future and America - Ted Howard "An American Revolution" (October 14-19, 1975)
Tape 5Encounter '79 - William F. Buckley and Shirley Chisholm. Part 1 (1979)
Tape 6Encounter '79 - William F. Buckley and Shirley Chisholm. Part 2 (1979)
Tape 7Encounter '79 - Phyllis Schlafly press conference (1979)
Tape 8Encounter '81 - Andrew Young and Dick Clark press conference (1981)
Tape 9Encounter '84 - Evening with Walter Cronkite and James Evans (May 4, 1984)
Tape 10Encounter '84 - Panel discussion (April 19, 1984)
Tape 11Charles Hazelrigg and Gordon Windsor (March 3, 1988)
Tape 12Paul Cantrell (1989)
Tape 13Paul Cantrell and Charles Hazelrigg, Louisville, Ky.
CC-40.3A Records - Fraternities
Record 1Sigma Alpha Epsilon story (March 9, 1956)
CC-40.3B Records - Centre Choral Groups
Record 1Tudor Singers - Music From the Kinsky
Record 2Tudor Singers - A Festival of Lessons and Cards
CC-40.3C Records - Miscellaneous
Record 1Weisiger Art and Music Building (KCW), ground-breaking exercises (June 5, 1954)