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Artifacts and Memorabilia

Collection Inventory
Box 1
  • Centre-Harvard pennant (Harvard 0 – Centre 6, Oct. ’29 ’21)
  • “Wapanooche” pennant (blue with red lettering) - KCW basketball team, ca. 1915-16
  • “Caldwell” pennant (white with blue lettering)
  • “KCW” embroidered piece of cloth – done by Ruth Arnold, KCW ’38; donated by Jane Bradshaw
  • “KCW 1854” (large with reverse color: gold letting on white background on one side; white lettering with gold background on other side)
  • “Centre College Danville, KY.” Pennant (blue with white lettering, includes image of Old Main)
  • NCAA 1989 Women’s Div. III Championship t-shirt signed by Centre players
  • Centre College felt cloth
  • Gold athletic jersey (soccer?)
Box 2
  • Academic regalia
Box 3
  • Freshmen beanies (2)
  • “C” letter (6 in various styles)
  • “KCW” letter
Box 4
  • Freshman beanie and Centre College stuffed dog (owned by Jane Savage, Caldwell ’05; donated by Ruby Cheek)
  • 25th anniversary pin from Centre College
  • Medal with inscription “C.C. Ky. MS 1884” on front; H.K. Bourne” on back (in red case)
  • Belt with “Centre” buckle
  • Isaac Shelby Society medal
  • Isaac Shelby Society medal with chain (in blue case)
  • Belt buckle with “Centre”
  • Caldwell College pin (donated by Mrs. Arnold Gregory)
  • Class pin of Mrs. Gentry when she graduated from Caldwell in 1867 (“C.C.I. 1867”)
  • Gold watches (3), probably donated by Dr. Walter Groves
  • Confederate money in various denominations (supposedly donated by U.S. Treasury in 1912)
  • Button and jersey label from the Southern Relays, Georgia Tech, April 9, 1927. (donated and probably worn by William T. Davis)
  • Class of 1953, twenty-five reunion coaster
  • Athletic buttons, some with team photographs (date 1984-1992)
  • James Rice Mountjoy medals (donated by Nancy M. Allen)
Box 5
  • Belt with “Centre” buckle
  • Football shoe
  • Beta Theta Pi fraternity hatpin and pin, ca. 1900
  • Red sweater with blue trim and “C” sewn in front
  • Football presented to George Chinn at the Centre vs. Washington & Lee game (1921?). Signed by several of the players.
Box 6
  • Frank Talbot Allen football and baseball uniforms
  • Lead plaque dedicated to John C. Fales, 1916
  • Plague with the coat of arms of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity
  • Cast iron diploma sealers : (1) Centre College of Kentucky; (2) Kentucky College for Women; (3) Caldwell College
  • Chain Club sign
  • Plaque given by Olde Centre yearbook to Women’s Division winner, Centre College Song Festival
  • Plaque presented to Centre College basketball team, 1978-79, National Championship, Division III finalist
  • Coat worn by Bo McMillin
  • Canes (2); one is engraved “J.E.P. Centre ‘26”; the second “Clyde Magers”