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Student Organizations

Collection Outline
Collection Inventory
CC-44.1 Phi Beta Kappa
Series A Correspondence
Folder 1Correspondence, dated 1970-81 & 1987; memoranda, undated, and dated 1970-73
Folder 2Alumni and Honorary membership
Folder 3Congratulatory letters on installation of Chapter
Folder 4Visiting Scholars, 1972-76
Folder 5Visiting Scholars, 1977-78
Folder 6Visiting Scholars, 1979-88
Series B Reports
Folder 1Annual reports to Phi Beta Kappa, 1970-71, 1974-75, 1980-81
Folder 2General Report of Centre College Presented for Consideration by the Committee on Qualifications of the United Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa, 1959, 1968
Series C Miscellaneous
Folder 1By-laws, 1971, 1986; charter
Folder 2Form of installation of a chapter; program for installation of Beta Chapter, March 12, 1971; programs for annual initiation banquets, 1973-82, 1985-86 list of valedictorians 1971-1987
Folder 3Handbooks for new members, 1967-70; 1979-82; 1982-85
Folder 4Addresses delivered at annual banquets
Folder 5Minutes of the Triennial Council meeting, 1970, 1973
Folder 6Minutes of the Triennial Council meeting, 1976
Folder 7Minutes of the Triennial council meeting, 1979, 1983
Folder 8Phi Beta Kappa bulletin, Aug. 1980; Key report Autumn 1983; address by Gerald Holton, reprinted from Chronicle of Higher Education, Nov. 29, 1976; brief outline of history and initiation ceremonies
Folder 9Miscellaneous minutes and financial statements, 1971, 1984-88
CC-44.2 Omicron Delta Kappa
Folder 1Minutes, 1921-22; information booklet, 1945; issue of the Circle, Spring 1962; miscellaneous newspaper clippings
Folder 2Minutes, 1952-1984; lists of members
Folder 3ODK manual, 1970-72; ODK official ritual, 1957; Association of College Honor Societies booklet of information, 1970; ODK catalog & handbook, 1931; ODK silver anniversary (1914-1939); ribbon from 1940 convention
Folder 4ODK manual, 1970-72; ODK official ritual, 1957; Association of College Honor Societies booklet of information, 1970; ODK catalog & handbook, 1931; ODK silver anniversary (1914-1939); ribbon from 1940 convention
Folder 5Petition for membership from Tennessee Technological University (1975) and Transylvania University (1977)
Folder 6Miscellaneous, undated and dated March 15, 1923-May 30, 1933
Folder 7Miscellaneous, undated and dated November 30, 1950-September 21, 1978
Folder 8Miscellaneous, undated, and dated July 23, 1981-1989/90
Folder 9Computer printout of Centre ODK members, undated
Folder 10Miscellaneous, undated, and dated March 1, 1990-
Box 1File of 3x5 cards of Centre College ODK members
CC-44.3 Student Government
Folder 1Correspondence, 1949-50; constitution, 1968 revision; student conduct and discipline (booklet), undated; various platforms of candidates for office; Student Governance Constitution (1995); proposed revision of Constitution (1996
Folder 2Minutes, undated, and dated 1969-1973, 1982-1985
Volume 1Minutes, 1954-55, 1961-73, 1975-80, 1977-78, 1981-83
Volume 2Minutes, 1955-58
Volume 3Minutes, 1958-61
Volume 4Minutes, 1973-75
Volume 5Minutes, 1980-81
Volume 6Financial record book, 1962-68
CC-44.4 Women's Student Government
Folder 1Proposed budget, 1955-57, 1959-61
CC-44.5 Intra-Women's Council
Folder 1Constitution, undated; correspondence, 1976; IWC newsletter, October 1976; miscellaneous records
CC-44.6 Association of Centre Women
Folder 1Constitution, undated; newsletter, undated
CC-44.7 Round Table
Folder 1Miscellaneous material, undated, and dated 1933-1969
CC-44.8 Miscellaneous
Folder 1Membership card for Howard Dorsey (1908) and statement of year's work (1902-03) of the YMCA of Central University; Summary of activities of the Women's Inter-Dormitory Council, 1970; Miscellaneous invitations
CC-44.9 Pitkin Club
Folder 1Miscellaneous papers, including by-laws, application for membership, history, newspaper clippings
CC-44.10 Mortar Board/Chain Club
Folder 1Miscellaneous papers, including by-laws, applications, constitution, pamphlets
CC-44.11 Circle K
Folder 1Miscellaneous papers, unorganized (dating primarily from the 1980's)
CC-44.12 Publications Board
Folder 1-19Miscellaneous, dated pre-1973-1994
Folder 20Applications, undated
Folder 21Contingency fund
Folder 22Pi Delta Epsilon (membership)
CC-44.13 Obiter Script
Folder 1Constitution, miscellaneous paers, undated, and dated January 7, 1958
Folder 2Obiter Scripta log, 1947-1964
Folder 3Obiter Scripta log, 1957-1960
CC-44.14 Black Student Union
Folder 1Miscellaneous material, 1997-date
CC-44.15 Phi Alpha Theta
Series A Subject Folders
Box 1
Folder 1By-laws
Folder 2Conferences Kentucky regional
Folder 3Conferences Kentucky regional Centre College April 19, 1980
Folder 4Conferences Kentucky regional Judging papers Cumberland College
Folder 5Conventions - International
Folder 6Conventions Kentucky regional
Folder 7Conventions Kentucky regional Thomas More College April 11, 1992
Folder 8Conventions 70th anniversary Chicago December 27-30, 1991
Folder 9Councilor December 1987-December 1989
Folder 10Councilor New chapters December 1987-December 1989
Folder 11Faculty advisor Correspondence 1974-1984
Folder 12Faculty advisor Correspondence 1963-1973
Folder 13Faculty advisor - Hoffman
Folder 14Faculty advisor Treasurer Dr. Lee
Folder 15Faculty advisor Working folder
Folder 16History of chapters
Folder 17Honors and prizes
Folder 18Membership Candidate forms
Folder 19Membership Elections
Folder 20Membership Ritual
Folder 21Newsletter
Folder 22Reports Chapter to national
Folder 23Scholastic awards committee
Folder 24Scrapbook
Folder 25Jason Snyder President
Folder 26Supplies and jewelry
Folder 27Treasury 1965-1970
Folder 28Treasury 1970-1983
Series B Miscellaneous
Box 2
  • Personal record cards 1965-1993
  • Pins