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Miscellaneous Centre College Student Collections

Collection Outline
  • CC-47.1 Student Humor/Satire
  • CC-47.2 Individual Student Collections
Collection Inventory
CC-47.1 Student Humor/Satire
Folder 1Annual catalog, 1850's; Commencement program, June 30, 1853; Commencement program, June 12, 1895; Literary societies program, February 22, 1865
CC-47.2 Individual Student Collections
Folder 1Letter from John Henry Moore, dated 1848; Letter to unidentified Centre student from his aunt, dated January 8, 1856; Letter from Daniel White to his father, dated February 15, 1838; Valedictorian address by A. P. McCormick, dated 1854
Folder 2Correspondence of Adam Beatty to his father, dated 1837 (photocopies of 3 letters)
Folder 3Commencement address of Henry Clay Reed dated 1848
Folder 4Speech of John C. Bullit, dated November 1841 (photocopy)
Folder 5Arthur Rhorer description of student life, 1901-1905; photocopy of Danville Advocate Messenger, June 2, 1955 (2 copies); Class Day speech (photocopy of typescript)
Folder 6Biography of Henry Isaac Venable, Class of 1830; photocopy of journal article, March 1988
Folder 7Letter from William Henry (Class of 1859) to his sister, dated May 1864; photocopy of transcript. Donated by Edwin H. Green, Charlotte, N.C.
Folder 8Lecture and laboratory notes of Richard Veech Wood, dated 1913-1914. Donated by Ashley Bartlett, Louisville, Ky.
Folder 9Obituary of Joseph Holt (non-grad in 1824); photocopy of article in Evening Star (Washington, D.C.), August 2, 1894. Donated by David E. Wilkinson, Port Charlotte, Florida
Folder 10Letter from James Marshall Givens (Class of 1889) to his mother, dated June 11, 1885; includes transcript. Donated by Mrs. Alfred M. Wood
Folder 11Letters (photocopies of transcripts) and biographical material of Green C. Duncan (1860-1910)
Folder 12Journal of W. C. Renfro (non-grad 1863). Donated by Eleanor H. Holz, Canyon Lake, Texas.
Folder 13Essays/Papers of Elizabeth Hoke Bishop, 1956-1957
Folder 14Biographical sketch of Enos Stevens Swain, Class of 1857, by Mary Swain (Mrs. A.M. Wood); photocopy of typescript
Folder 15Address of Claude Matthews - delivered at the June 1867 graduation ceremonies at Centre College.
Folder 16Address of Joseph Madison Evans - delivered at the June 1862 graduation ceremonies at Centre College. Includes photocopy of typescript.
Folder 17Letter from John S. Boyd to his sister, dated December 29, 1839
Folder 18Miles Barger Senior recital - May 5, 2007 (DVD)
Folder 19Jacob Raderer Senior recital - May 6, 2009 (DVD)
Folder 20Biographical sketch of James T. Lapsley, Jr., Class of 1899 (see also CC-58 Diplomas/Certificates for diploma)