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Centre College Autograph Books

Collection Inventory
Volume 1Isaac R. Best, 1860-61
Volume 2William Henry, 1858-59
Volume 3Robert Irvine, 1860-64
Volume 4William Jennings Lusk, 1855-57
Volume 5C. W. Metcalfe, 1854-55
Volume 6Horace Rice, 1854-57
Volume 7George Woodward, 1853-54 (see accompanying transcript)
Volume 8Hugo W. Adams, 1860-61
Volume 9James H. Lapsley, Class of 1861 (original and photocopy)
Volume 10George J. Lewis, Class of 1859
Volume 11George W. Hill, Class of 1856
Volume 12D. Kerr Freeman, 1860-1863 (Danville Theological Seminary)