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Collection Outline
Collection Inventory
Series A Flat Blueprints
Blueprint for remodeling with correspondence to Nelson D. Rhodes (1925)
Drawings (South of Walnut)
Men's and Women's (1 each) - 1942-43. Attached is a brief description of buildings
Blueprint gymnasium equipment (1913)
Blueprint locker equipment (1913)
Blueprint (1913)
Additions and alterations to Memorial Gym (1980's)
Optiklears of original architect's drawings for Carnegie library (1913) in flat case cabinet
Blueprint for proposed library (1913)
Drawings for proposed library
Revision of Reference Room (1913)
Change in Reference Room from plaster to wood cornice (1913)
Blueprint for type VII stack - 1913
Drawings for proposed Learning Center (Doherty Library) (1963)
Drawing for proposed Learning Center (Doherty Library) (1963)
Level 2 of Doherty (November 1964)
Blueprint of Doherty (1966)
Revised blueprints of Doherty (1966)
Six heavy cardboard drawings of Doherty by Murphy & Mackey (1963)
Blueprint of proposed new Learning Center on site of Old Main (1963)
Floor plans (1988 renovation) (1988)
Norton Center
Pilot plans (series)
Old Main
Drawing of second floor
Proposed future physical education wing (1960)
Drawing for proposed stage (1928)
Drawing for recreation building (1947)
Drawing for recreation building (first floor plan/ground floor plan/facade) - 1947
Young Hall
Set of blueprints for Young Hall (1967)
Series B Rolled Blueprints
Tube 1Grace Doherty Library (2 copies, several sheets each) - 1963
Tube 2Walkway plans - 3 sheets
Grace Doherty Library (Learning Center) 3 sheets
Tube 3Old Centre and proposed changes - 1920 Centre Campus (partial) 2 copies
Unidentified 2nd and 3rd floors (Breckinridge Hall?)
Old Centre - change into apartments - 1920
Tube 4Old Centre - floor plan (in fragments) - 1913 Post Office - water color drawing
Tube 5Danville Theological Seminary - 1890 (Breckinridge Hall?)
Unidentified 1st floor (Breckinridge Hall?)
Tube 6Proposed dormitory - 2 copies, 4 sheets each
Woodwork detail plan for Danville Theological Seminary
Tube 7Boyle-Lincoln counties elevation charts
Old Gymnasium - 4 views
Tube 8Grace Doherty Library reissued - 1964
Tube 9Old Main (drawings of proposed changes)

Master Plan (1959) - shows existing land and proposed land acquisition

Master Plan (1959) - proposed expansion and renovation of physical education and new Learning Center

Master Plan (1959) - existing buildings and room use

Campus walk plan (1961)

Topographic map of Centre (1948)