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Diplomas and Certificates

Collection Outline
Collection Description

This collection contains rolled diplomas and certificates awarded by Centre College and various other institutions. The diplomas and certificates do not include all of the years in which the College graduated students, but is a representational collection primarily of gifts. Series 58.1 contains only diplomas and certificates directly awarded by Centre College or issued by a College group or organization. Series 58.2 has materials which were awarded to Centre alumni from other institutions.

Collection Inventory
CC-58.1 Centre College
Series A Diplomas
Armstrong, Philip NorrisBA1922
Arnold, BerniceBA1929
Bagby, Charles ChaunceyBS1894
Bagby, Charles ChaunceyBL (law)1896
Barbour, J. FosterBA1864
Barbour, JamesBA1837
Boyd, Leslie RandolphBA1936
Bruce, James HenryBA1857
Cheek, Samuel R.BA1920
Chinn, Col. Philip Thompson Certificate1894
Craft, AddisonBA1855
Davis, Joseph LeCompteBA1884
Douglas, Francis BreckinridgeCertificate 
Douglas, Francis BreckinridgeBA1893
Dunlap, Jacob Bailey 1875
Ellis, Charles HenryBA1915
Fackler, Calvin M.Certificate1892
Faulconer, Elija PotterBA1910
Garrard, Toulmin J. 1857
Goben, Thomas DeweyBA1928
Hendrick, James P.BA1849
Irvine, Abram WalterBA1854
Irvine, Harry BeverlyBS1892
Johnson, William WoolfolkBS1892
Lapsley, James T., Jr.BA1899
Lawrence, Eugene CaldwellBS1919
McDowell, Caleb W.BA1831
Moss, Ruby L.BA1929
O'Neil, Paul CorneliusBA1929
Parkhill, John H. 1840
Reid, RaymondBA1927
Robenstein, Elmer WilliamBA1926
Savage, Jane WarrenBA1952
Scull, Henry W.BA1858
Snowday, Terry HallBA1923
Thomas, James H. 1855
VanWinkle, Edwin LafayetteCertificate1892
Wesley, Ned GrandisonBA1922
Williams, Samuel 1839
Blank diplomas from Centre, undated, but signed by President John C. Young, Ormond Beatty, Thomas C. Nichols, and William Dod (ca. 1836-1846)
Blank diploma from Centre, undated, but signed by President William C. Young and several professors (ca. 1891-1894)
Voided diploma - to have been awarded to Patrick Pope Nichols, 1889. The old diploma is signed by Ormond Beatty
Blank certificate, dating ca. 1891-1894
Series B Certificates - General
Boyd, Leslie R.25th Reunion1961
Boyd, Leslie R.Omicron Delta Kappa1935
Chinn, Philip ThompsonClass of 1894, 65th Anniversary1959
Coleman, W. HunterClass of 1919 (45th? 50th Anniversary) 
Series C Certificates - Literary Societies
Barbour, JamesChamberlain1837
Barbour, James FosterChamberlain1864
Bruce, James HenryAthenaean1857*
Craft, AddisonDeinologian1855*
Dunlap, James BaileyChamberlain1875
Garrard, Toulmin J.Athenaean1857
Hendrick, James P.Chamberlain1849*
Scull, Henry W.Chamberlain1858(?)
Thomas, James HowardChamberlain1855*
Blank certificate from the Chamberlain Literary Society, undated; and a document with the signed draft of the certificate. William R. Thompson, Professor of Latin and Greek Languages at Centre (1824-1831) designed the diplomas
Blank certificate from the Deinologian Literary Society, 1846
*Signatures, probably other members of the Society, appear on back of document
CC-58.2 Other Institutions
Series A Diplomas
Arnold, BerniceCertificate - KCW1925
Bedinger, Everette WadeCentral University (BA)1879
Blanton, Katherine RandolphCertificate - Physiology1895
 Central University 
Blanton, Katherine RandolphCertificate - Zoology/Botany1895
 Central University 
Boyd, Leslie R.Brown College Prep1932
Cheek, Samuel R.University of Virginia (BL)1925
Griffith, GravesCentral University (BA)1891
Grimes, Carolyn HardinBeaumont College (BA)1916
Grimes, HaldonHarrodsburg High School1919
Hewlett, James HowellBirmingham College (BA)1912
Hewlett, James HowellVanderbilt University (MA)1913
Joplin, T. VaughanLouisville Boy's High School1917
Lee, Frank W.Certificate - Danville
Classical and Military Academy
Lucas, Fanny H.Caldwell Institute1868
Newlin, Berta S.Caldwell Female College1885
Tomlinson, Elizabeth R.Caldwell College (BS)1893
Tomlinson, Mary EllenCaldwell College1897
Series B Certificates
Dunlap, J.B.Certificate allowing him to practice law in the State Courts of California, 1887
Dunlap, J.B.Certificate allowing him to practice law in the Circuit Courts of California, 1888
McLeod, Robert L.Certificate from the Ohio State College at Columbus commemorating the inauguration of McLeod as President of Centre College, 1939
McLeod, Robert L.Certificate from Columbia University (in Latin) commemorating McLeod's inauguration as President of Centre College, January 1939
McLeod, Robert L.Certificate (in Latin) from Maryville College, 1939
McLeod, Robert L.Certificate from the U.S. Army and Navy in recognition of patriotic sacrifices of Centre College allowing McLeod to serve as Chaplain in the Armed Forces, May 8, 1946
Todd, John A.Certificate of election to County Attorney, Davis County, Kentucky, 1851
Williams, Major GeneralCertificate of membership into the Society, Sons of the Revolution, in the State of California, 1966