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Lindsay H. Blanton Papers

Collection Outline
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    • Box 1 Correspondence, undated, January 1907-May 1908
    • Box 2 Correspondence, June 1908-December 1909
    • Box 3 Correspondence, January 1910-December 1912
    • Box 4 Correspondence, January-February 1913, December 1913, April 1918, miscellaneous not yet processed

"L. H. Blanton was in pastoral service for 23 years; was Chancellor of Central University at Richmond, Kentucky, for 21 years; was active in the promotion of the consolidation of Centre College and Central University in 1901; and held the position of Vice-President of the consolidated institution for six years." (taken from a newspaper article ca. 1907)

Further information on Lindsay H. Blanton may be found in CC-3 Dean/Vice-President of the College and CC-131 Central University (Richmond, KY)

Collection Description

The Lindsay H. Blanton Papers is a relatively large collection of both personal and business correspondence and papers of Blanton. The bulk of the collection dates from the period 1907 to 1913. Box 4 contains miscellaneous items, such as newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and death notices. The material is filed in chronological order, and trustee and personal papers are filed together.

The following list includes examples of the type of material found in this collection.

Letters pertaining to prohibition, personal illnesses and problems, vacancies in teaching positions, and county judgeships.

Blanton's response to receiving the Loving Cup (June 12, 1907)

Newspaper clipping summarizing Blanton's achievements (June 18, 1907)

Letter mentioning Blanton receiving Carnegie allowance for retiring professors (June 18, 1907)

Many letters asking for, and giving, recommendations and suggestions to churches and schools

Letters pertaining to stock investments

Letters from printers on printing "Memoirs" of Blanton

Convertible gold bond certificate (March 15, 1909)

Letter from J.A. Sullivan stating the local paper doing harm against new school movement and cause of education in Boyle County (July 5, 1909)

Letter on Who's Who in America (August 24, 1909)

Letter from Christian Observer about the discovery of the North Pole (September 21, 1909)

The Bible and Prohibition - taking a stand against the reformers (February 1, 1910)

Letter about setting up his will (June 7, 1910)

Letter from C. G. Crocks - mentions digging a tunnel 1000 ft. under the river in Cornwall Landing, N.Y. (June 30, 1910)

Photograph postcard of L. H. Blanton's grandson (August 3, 1910)

Loss of son Joe (September 1910)

Presbyterian Church of Kentucky (August 23, 1911)

Letter from Transylvania Printing Co. agreeing to accept an order for copies of Minutes of the Synod in lieu of an apology for Blanton's sarcastic remarks about the company, and an agreement not to file charges against him if he apologized (September 25, 1911)

Letter from E. D. Hendrickson telling of the battles he fought in, including Gettysburg, and of the capture of the entire brigade on April 6, 1865 (October 2, 1911)

Letter asking Blanton to write Mr. Carnegie to secure a national building at Sayre College to the memory of Mary Todd Lincoln (February 21, 1912)

Letters from Woodrow Wilson, April 12, May 27, July 10, July 17, November 15, and November 27, 1912

Letters from James B. McCreary, Governor of Kentucky (April 4 and May 13, 1912)

Collection Inventory
CC-63 Lindsay H. Blanton Papers
Box 1
Folder 1Correspondence, undated
Folder 2Correspondence, undated
Folder 3Correspondence, undated
Folder 4Correspondence, January-February, April-June 28, 1907
Folder 5Correspondence, July 1-30, 1907
Folder 6Correspondence, August 4-October 31, 1907
Folder 7Correspondence, November 1-December 31, 1907
Folder 8Correspondence, January 1-March 31, 1908
Folder 9Correspondence, April 2-May 30, 1908
Box 2
Folder 1Correspondence, June 1-30, 1908
Folder 2Correspondence, July 1-December 29, 1908
Folder 3Correspondence, February 19-April 15, 1909
Folder 4Correspondence, April 16-June 14, 1909
Folder 5Correspondence, June 16-July 10, 1909
Folder 6Correspondence, July 13-August 30, 1909
Folder 7Correspondence, September 1-October 27, 1909
Folder 8Correspondence, November 1-December 28, 1909
Box 3
Folder 1Correspondence, January 1-February 9, 1910
Folder 2Correspondence, February 10-March 31, 1910
Folder 3Correspondence, April 2-May 30, 1910
Folder 4Correspondence, June 1-August 31, 1910
Folder 5Correspondence, September 1-December 2, 1910
Folder 6Correspondence, March 12-September 30, 1911
Folder 7Correspondence, October 2-December 4, 1911
Folder 8Correspondence, January 22-June 18, 1912
Folder 9Correspondence, July 1-December 30, 1912
Box 4
Folder 1Correspondence, January 1-December 28, 1913
Folder 1Correspondence, April 1918
Folder 1Miscellaneous, not yet processed