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Preparatory Department


The Centre College Academy, also known as Centre Prep, was located in Danville, and provided classical secondary education for boys from 1820 to 1918. In an era that lacked a real system of schools leading from elementary to secondary to higher education, colleges often established preparatory schools to ensure a supply of well-prepared students. Prep began when Mr. Maury's grammar school was housed in Centre's first building. Prep ended when circumstances changed: Kentucky improved public secondary schools; Danville viewed Prep as an obstacle to a public high school; and Centre College decided to concentrate solely on collegiate education. After Danville bought Prep's building and hired Prep's principal, Centre closed Prep in 1918.

Source: Nystrom, Bradley. "The Centre College Academy" (unpublished manuscript)

Collection Inventory
  • Annual catalog, 1906-1907
  • Grade reports (2) for Powell Cheek, 1899
  • Grade report for John A. Cheek, 1864
  • Report by Prof. James S. Graham to Board of Trustees, 1843?
  • Grade report for Logan Cheek, 1901
  • Centre Prep - Interview of Julian Gentry by Bradley Nystrom, March 2, 1989
  • Commencement program, June 7, 1895
  • E. Quisenberry grade reports, 1900-07