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Oral History Interviews

Collection Outline
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See Centre College Digital Archives - Presidents and Centre College Digital Archives - Faculty for digitized versions of selected items from the following inventory

Collection Inventory
CC-70.1 Centre College Oral History Interviews
Box 1
Tape 1-2Ewing T. Boles
Tape 3-5Max P. Cavnes
Tape 6-8Mary Ashby Cheek
Tape 9-10Walter Groves
Tape 11-12Charles T. Hazelrigg
Tape 13-14Frank H. Heck
Box 2
Tape 1Jack Kellam
Tape 2Robert L. McLeod
Tape 3-6Thomas A. Spragens
Box 3
Folder 1Transcripts of above tapes
Folder 1Transcript only of interview of Thomas A. Spragens conducted Feb. 3, 1991, concerning Pres. Spragens' years at Stanford University
CC-70.2 Danville/Boyle County Oral History Interviews
The following interviews were conducted by Tony Draplick and Centre College oral history interns from January to February 1989
Folder 1Roy Arnold
Folder 2Harold Baer (includes transcript)
Folder 3Katherine Bright
Folder 4Madge Cook
Folder 5Mary Eberts (includes transcript)
Folder 6Elizabeth Hillhouse (includes transcript)
Folder 7Benny Powell
Folder 8John Raines (includes transcript)
Folder 9GuyB. Richardson
Folder 10Carol Sanders (includes transcript)
Folder 11John Sullivan
Danville School Integration Project - interviews conducted in 1981 by David R. Davis
Tape 1Fred Durham
Tape 2Linda Faulconer
Tape 3Helen Frye
Tape 4Joyce Gordon
Tape 5Bobby Hinkle
Tape 6Jewell Lay