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Family and Local History Collections

Collection Outline
  • CC-120.1 Harbeson Family
  • CC-120.2 Barbee Family
  • CC-120.3 Christopher Riffe
  • CC-120.4 John Bowman
  • CC-120.5 Allmond Family
  • CC-120.6 Arthur E. Silcott
  • CC-120.7 Kentucky Militia - Muster Rolls
  • CC-120.8 DeLong Family
  • CC-120.9 Shelby Family
  • CC-120.10 Sarah Mahan
  • CC-120.11 John D. White
  • CC-120.12 John Fox
  • CC-120.13 James Clemens
  • CC-120.14 Danville Homes
  • CC-120.15 Richard Brown
  • CC-120.16 Charles Lemarie
  • CC-120.17 James Harlan House (Harlan's Station)
  • CC-120.18 Jacobs Family photo album
  • CC-120.19 Cheek Family
Collection Inventory
CC-120.1 Harbeson Family
Folder 1Notes of recommendation for Joseph Harbeson, 1737; family history by Ben Harbeson, 1953; family tree; funeral notice of Ben Harbeson, 1809; letter from James P. Harbeson to L.W. Andrews(?), September 11, 1861 (original and photocopy); letter to Ben Harbeson, 1954; invoice, 1876; unidentified photograph of child; miscellaneous newspaper clippings
CC-120.2 Barbee Family
Folder 1Memorial booklet for Joshua Barbee; memorial booklet for Thomas Barbee; photograph of Nannie Barbee; photograph of Barbee home; miscellaneous newspaper clippings.
CC-120.3 Christopher Riffe
Folder 1Biography by Cammie Cahill Boester, 1966.
CC-120.4 John Bowman
Folder 1Photocopy of subscription of John Bowman to Centre College, dated November 4, 1819.
CC-120.5 Allmond Family
Folder 1Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, correspondence, photographs, family histories.
CC-120.6 Arthur E. Silcott
Folder 1Aerial photographs; military maps of France.
Folder 2Miscellaneous material on military aviation and weapons.
CC-120.7 Kentucky Militia - Muster Rolls
Folder 1Muster rolls of 2d Company (Capt. William Kerley), First Rifle Regiment, Kentucky Militia (organized August 15, 1812); 9th Company (Capt. Robert A. Sturgess), South's Regiment, Kentucky Volunteer Mounted Militia (organized September 18, 1812); 6th Company, (Capt. Dudley Farris) and 3d Company (Capt. James Dejarnatt), both Dudley's Regiment, Kentucky Volunteer Militia (organized March 29, 1813); 2d Company (Capt. Sylvanus Massie) and 6th Company (Capt. John C. McWilliams), both Williams's Regiment, Kentucky Volunteer Light Dragons (organized August 31, 1813).
CC-120.8 Delong Family
Folder 1Brief history of DeLong Family and photocopy of autograph book kept by Tom DeLong (Centre 1851-55).
CC-120.9 Shelby Family
Folder 1Shelby, Cass K. Evan and Catherine Shelby and their Descendants. 1947 Photocopy of typed manuscript.
CC-120.10 Sarah Mahan
Folder 1Correspondence, undated, and dated December 17, 1927-August 31, 1935.
Folder 2The Duties of the Secretary of State of Kentucky; Kentucky state symbols (pamphlet); Kentucky Corporation Laws; Constitution of Kentucky; miscellaneous programs and invitations; newspaper clipping; two delegate ribbons to Kentucky Democratic State Convention, 1931, 1936; autograph book from University of Michigan, 1874.
CC-120.11 John D. White
Folder 1Correspondence, dated June 26, 1884-June 29, 1884.
CC-120.12 John Foy
Folder 1Miscellaneous.
CC-120.13 James Clemens
Folder 1Bell, R. M. James Clemens...and his family. 1986.
CC-120.14 Danville Homes
Folder 1National Registry of Historic Places Application forms for McClure-Barbee House and Waveland (Willis Green House).
CC-120.15 Richard C. Brown
Folder 1Brown, Richard C. Free Blacks in Boyle County, Kentucky, 1850-1860.
CC-120.16 Charles Lemarie
Folder 1Lemarie, Charles. Biography of Msgr. Benedict Joseph Flaget. 1992.
CC-120.17 James Harlan House (Harlan's Station)
Folder 1Photographs and application to National Register of Historic Places (photocopy).
CC-120.18 Jacobs Family photo album
Volume 1Album of 24 portraits of various family members. Surnames include Jacobs, Cheek, and McKee. Some photos unidentified.
CC-120.19 Cheek Family
Folder 1Family history report, beginning with John Adamson Cheek.