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Calvin Fackler Papers

Collection Outline
  • A. Correspondence
  • B. Miscellaneous
Collection Description

The following provides some information on the more important material in the folders

Series A Correspondence
Folder 1One letter asking to order Fackler's book Early Days in Danville; correspondence about the Barbee family; report of the "Joint Committee"; Christmas greetings
Folder 2Correspondence about his book, Danville in the Blue Grass; restoration of the McDowell Home; a letter from a cousin about the Fackler ancestors and family history; letter dealing with slavery in Kentucky; letters on getting information on the early history of Danville
Folder 3Correspondence about the Filson Club & Walker Daniel (founder of Danville?), also the "McClure Home"; letter to & from Hon. A. B. Chandler; miscellaneous correspondence about the "Idlebury Papers" and the Olive Branch; letters of inquiry about the history of Danville and about his book being ready to be published
Folder 4Correspondence about Fackler's book Early Days in Danville being published; correspondence about development of Weisiger Square. Almost all the correspondence in this folder is about his book, either congratulating him or asking for copies, etc.
Folder 5Correspondence about Winston Coleman, Jr.'s book Stage Coach Days; correspondence about Early Days in Danville; inquiries concerning history of Danville and relatives; miscellaneous personal correspondence
Folder 6 Correspondence about William Fields family, Rice Family and a Miss Davenport; correspondence about the Presbyterian Church and the consolidation of the First and Second Presbyterian Church in Danville; inquiries about John Ro(d)gers history and on working on a book A Chronicle of the Old First
Folder 7Correspondence mentions the deaths of Frank Lee & Fox Caldwell; correspondence about the publishing of A Chronicle of the Old First and Danville in the Blue Grass, plus J. Winston Coleman, Jr's book A Bibliography of Kentucky History; correspondence mentioning Fackler resigning from the session and of the Fry family
Folder 8Correspondence relating to Early Days in Danville and A Chronicle of the Old First; letters of inquiry about Reed ancestry; correspondence about Dr. John C.Young; letters from Earl Aiken, press relations manager of Libby Owens Ford Glass Co. concerning Capt. John B. Ford; letter to Dr. Ralph W. Sockman stating his beliefs and what he was against; letter on the historical sites in the Blue Grass, especially near and around Danville; letter from U.K. archivist to Mrs. Fackler on working to preserving historical heritage of Kentucky
Series B Miscellaneous
Folder 1Book review of Calvin M. Fackler's Early Days in Danville; description of the old "Young House"; poems and story of Mrs. Lincoln Ball's husband; notes on the Informant, the Lighthouse, and Olive Branch
Folder 2Contains invoice for printing Early Days in Danville and copyright certificate; copy of page 25, probably taken from his book Early Days in Danville
Folder 3Contains list of District Supervisors Writers Project; notes from the Kentucky Gazette; survey - Historical Records Form; description of the Commencement from Centre College, July 27, 1847; radio Script for Danville History; "Happy Valley" notes; notes on Hanover Presbytery, Dr. Ross and "Cub Creek Church & Congregation"; Old Stone House at Atoka and Gov. Owsley; will of John Reed; other property descriptions and deed recordings
Folder 4The deposition of John Cowan; Thomas to Clemens deed; Caldwell data; historical material
Collection Inventory
Series A Correspondence
Folder 1Correspondence, Calvin Fackler, undated
Folder 2Correspondence, Calvin Fackler, undated
Folder 3Correspondence, Calvin Fackler, January-December 1939 and January-November 1940
Folder 4Correspondence, Calvin Fackler, January-December 1941
Folder 5Correspondence, Calvin Fackler, January-December 1942 - January-December 1943
Folder 6Correspondence, Calvin Fackler, January-October 1944 - January-December 1945
Folder 7Correspondence, Calvin Fackler, January-December 1946
Folder 7Correspondence, Calvin Fackler, March-December 1947 - February-November 1948, February, March, & August 1953
Series B Miscellaneous
Folder 1Miscellaneous, Calvin Fackler, undated
Folder 2Miscellaneous, Calvin Fackler, 1941
Folder 3Miscellaneous, Calvin Fackler, undated
Folder 4Miscellaneous, Calvin Fackler, undated