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Centre College Digital Archives: Special Exhibits
History of the 1921 football game between Centre and Harvard
Centre During the Age of Lincoln
Designed by Anastasia Knight, Class of 2003, online version of a library display of Centre images and documents from the 1860's.
The Cost of War: Centre College and the Battle of Perryville
A student project by Phil Lawson, Andy Placido, and Chas Werner for Prof. Christine Shannon's Centre Term 2004 course Building Websites as though Users Mattered
Music and Printing
An exhibit of rare books from The Grace Doherty Library
Neither Northern nor Sourthern
Designed by Laura Garrett, Class of 2013, online version of a library display of Centre College during the antebellum era and the Civil War.
Wish You Were Here: Historic Postcards from Danville, Kentucky
An exhibit of postcards from Centre College, Danville, and the region