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ANT 322 Fall 2020: Biography/Social Life of a “Thing” Paper - Find sources


Understanding the process of writing a product biography

Examples of Biographies of Commodities

Suggestions to improve your research

Business histories and profiles

To find company profiles (Market Line reports including company histories, products, employee information etc), click on "Company Profiles" on the top, blue bar.

Scroll down to Discover Topics > Business > Company Dossier. Search by Company name or ticker > Brands on the left menu > list of brands.

Brand biographies

Suggested keywords: 

  • brands, "brand choice," "brand name products," "brand loyalty," branding, "product management," "brand building,"  "social life," "brand biography" AND the name of a company or brand.

Reliable Websites

Commodity Value Chain

Suggested keywords:

"value chain," "value chain analysis" "value chain management" "customer relations," Logistics, Operations,  “Marketing and Sales,” Service, "Supply Chain," “Human Resource Management” AND the name of a company or brand.


Political analysis

Reliable web sources


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