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HIS 120: Inventing the Modern World-II: Books

An examination of the most important issues and events from the mid-19th century to the present in a global context.

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Useful Call Numbers

Call numbers for history typically start with D, E or F

  • D  History: General and Old World

    • D400-475 20th Century

  • D501-680 World War I

    • D720-728 Period Between the World Wars

    • D731-838 World War II

  • DA Great Britain

    • DA815-DA826 19th-20th Centuries

  • DB Austria - Hungary - Czechoslovakia
  • DC France
  • DD Germany
  • DF Greece
  • DG Italy
  • DH Low Countries
  • DJ Netherlands
  • DK Russia - Former Soviet Republics - Poland
  • DL Northern Europe
  • DP Spain - Portugal
  • DQ Switzerland
  • DR Balkans
  • DS  Asia: China - India - Japan
  • DT Africa
  • DU Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, etc.
  • F  Canada and Latin America

    • F1001-1140

    • F1201-3799 Latin America

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How to Search for Books

Searching for Library Sources

Combined Author/Title option

  • quickest way to find an item if you know the author and title
  • use the Author or Title options only if you know the exact forms

Subject option

  • yields only items catalogued under prescribed subject headings (i.e., Library of Congress headings; see list of possible subject headings below). If you are not familiar with these, use:

Keyword Option (words from the title)

  • usually yields more hits as it searches author, subject headings, titles and series

Subject Keyword is also useful. 

Examples of subject headings:

Note the numerous sub-headings when searching the history of a particular country. Many refer to specific time periods.

  • Great Britain--history--19th century

  • Imperialism--history—19th century

  • Latin America -Foreign Relations- United States