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Educational Technology: Books

Books in your Library

How to Search for Books

Searching for Library Resources

Combined Author/Title option
quickest way to find an item if you know the author and title
use the Author or Title options only if you know the exact forms
Subject option
yields only items catalogued under prescribed subject headings (ie Library of Congress headings). if you are not familiar with these, use:
Keyword option (words from the title.....)
usually yields more hits as it searches the author, subject headings ,titles and series

Possible Subject Headings:

  • adult. career, and vocational education
  • assessment and evaluation
  • computer assisted (or computer managed) instruction
  • educational technology
  • elementary and early childhood education
  • higher education
  • information and technology
  • reading and communication
  • secondary education
  • teaching computer network sources
  • urban education

These are just some of the many possible subject headings.

Subject Keyword is also useful.


LC call numbers:

LB1028.3 -1028.43:           Educational Technology, Computer-Assisted Instruction

LB1044.8:                             Teaching Computer Network Resources


Some Specific Book Titles

  • Assistive technology in the classroom: enhancing the school experiences of students with disabilities.Amy G. Dell, Deborah A. Newton, Jerry G. Petroff. LB1028.3.D43 2008
  • The motivation breakthrough: 6 secrets to turning on the tuned-out child.Richard Lavoie. LB1065.L356 2007
  • Effective teaching with technology in higher education: foundations for success. A.W. Tone Bates, Gary Poole. LB2331.B378 2003
  • Watch IT: the risks and promises of information technologies for education. Nicholas C. Burbules, Thomas A. Callister, Jr. LB1028.43.B87 2000
  • Computers as mindtools for schools: engaging critical thinking. David H. Jonassen. LB1028.5.J612 2000
  • Blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other powerful web tools for classrooms. Will Richardson. LB1044.87.R53 2009
  • Shift to the future: rethinking learning with new technologies in education. Nicola Yelland. LB1139.35.C64 Y45 2007
  • High-tech teaching success!: A step-by-step guide to using innovative technology in your classsroom.  Kevin D. Besnoy and Lane W. Clarke LB1028.5.H543 2010
  • Empowering online learning: 100 + activities for reading, reflecting, displaying, and doing. Curtis J. Bonk, Ke Zhang.  LB1028.5.B597 2008
  • The Second City guide to improv in the classroom: using improvisation to teach skills and boost learning.  Kathering S. McKnight LB1027.3.M39 2008
  • 75 e-learning activities: making online learning interactive.  Ryan Watkins LB1044.87.W38 2005
  • 147 Practical tips for teaching online groups: Essentials of web-based education. Donald Hanna.  LB1044.87.W38 2005
  • Teaching with the tools kids really use: learning with Web and mobile technologies. Susan Brooks-Young. LB1715.B742 2010
  • Rethinking education in the age of technology: the digital revolution and schooling in America.  Allan Collins, Richard, Halverson; Foreword by John Seely Brown.  LB1028.3.C636 2009
  • The technology toolbelt for teaching.  Susan Manning and Kevin E. Johnson.  LB1028.3.M36 2011
  • Leading 21st century schools: harnessing technology for engagement and achievement.  Lynne Schrum, Barbara B. Levin.  LB1028.5.S355 2009
  • Differentiating instruction with technology in K-5 classrooms.  Grace E. Smith and Stephanie Throne.  LB1031.S62 2007

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