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FYS 171 Politics and the Media in Modern American History: Specific sources for research topics

Primary sources

Many of you are analyzing Tweets in some way. Please be aware that you can search Twitter for words contained in Tweets or by hashtags. You can limit your search to a particluar account (ex. you can search just @realDonaldTrump). Search Twitter using this link:

To find information about local political figures, like Rick Scott, or local historical figures, like Abbie Hoffman or Claudette Colvin, state newspapers are a good source. The best databases to search state newspapers are:

Nexis Uni

When looking for information on past Presidents, it is often useful to search their presidential libraries. For the topics in this class, these link will be useful:

Kennedy Presidential Library - Space Race

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Secondary sources

For peer-reviewed, scholarly secondary sources that are acceptable for your fact checking and argumentation to support/refute your primary source's claims, you will need to search library databases. Here are some good suggestions by topic:

For scientific topics, like climate control and any necessary scientific facts on the Space Race, use Web of Science:

For social science topics, like gun control, D.A.R.E., trials, and civil rights topics, use Academic Search Complete:

If you need help...

If you are having trouble finding information you need for your presentation, don't hesitate to email me. My contact info is below.


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