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Criminology: Books

How to Search for Books

Searching for Library Sources

Combined Author/Title option

  • quickest way to find an item if you know the author and title
  • use the Author or Title options only if you know the exact forms

Subject option

  • yields only items catalogued under prescribed subject headings (i.e., Library of Congress headings; see list of possible subject headings below). If you are not familiar with these, use:

Keyword Option (words from the title)

  • usually yields more hits as it searches author, subject headings, titles and series

Subject Keyword is also useful. 

Where are the books on criminology?

It depends on the subject matter. Many of the titles will appear under the individual subject headings. Here is a list of possible subject headings to look for:

Abused children
Abused women
Child abuse
Criminal investigation
Criminal Justice
Criminal liability
Drug abuse
Family violence
Female offenders
Insanity - Law
Juvenile corrections
Juvenile detention
Juvenile delinquency
Mentally ill offenders
Punishment - Philosophy
Sentences (Criminal procedure)
White Collar Crime
Violent crimes

Last updated August 5, 2008

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