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Open Educational Resources: Evaluate OER

This guide provides an introduction to open educational resources for teaching faculty and staff.

General Considerations

As a faculty member, the process you will use to evaluate OER is very similar to the process you follow to review textbooks or gather course-packet materials. Some issues to consider are:

  1. Does this OER cover the content you'd like your students to learn in this course or module?
  2. How accessible is this content? Will accessing it be too technically difficult?
  3. Is the level of the material appropriate? Is it too difficult? Or, vice versa, is it robust and challenging enough for your students?
  4. Can you tell who developed the OER content? What are their credentials?
  5. Is the content in the OER accurate, current and unbiased?
  6. Is the content inclusive? Does it amplify the voices of diverse populations?
  7. Does only a portion of  the content apply to your class? Would you possibly want to combine this OER with another OER or resource?
  8. If you'd like to use only part of a resource or alter/remix it, are you allowed to do so? How can you use the content? Who do you have to recognize if you use it? Verify the license that the resource is under.
  9. If you do want to modify or remix the material, will you be able to do so?

Evaluation Rubrics