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POL 120 Introduction to Political Ideologies: Find Information for the Ideology Application Assignment

Spring 2024 Library Exercise

Find legislation and public policy

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Use popular sources to find information about the legislation's goals

How can you find what the intended goals of a piece of legislation were?

  • Does the policy's sponsor have any information on their webpage about why they introduced the policy?
  • Are there any news interviews or blog posts of the sponsor speaking about the policy?
  • Do any organizations have a published viewpoint on the policy?

To look for interviews or blogs or websites, search:

To find popular information about a policy maker's position, you can also try their social media feeds. Some good tools to search multiple feeds (Twitter, Facebook, etc) at once include:

Use scholarly sources to find information about the legislation's goals and to analyze the legislation

When analyzing a policy, you may want to refer to statistics or reference policy analyses from Think Tanks or policy, economics or public administration journals. You can find those using:

Other possible sources include:

(Include the search string "policy analysis" or "public policy analysis" in your search terms for best results)

Cite your sources

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