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Trusted Science News Sources

This is a guide for vetting science news

Getting Started with Popular Scientific Journals

When exploring scientific research, you must be concerned about the credibility of the sources you use. The credibility of a source is impacted by:

  • how a source of information was produced (how much effort was put into its creation)     
  • the expertise of the person creating it
  • the evidence used to support the assertions made
  • the audience the source was created for
  • how the researcher uses the source during their research

This guide lists resources that will be helpful for exploring popular research in the sciences rather than scholarly, peer-reviewed research. Popular sources can help with understanding scientific literature as these sources are written with a general audience in mind and are intended to be understood by someone who has little or no scientific background. Scholarly, peer-reviewed articles are often research heavy with a lot of scientific jargon-reading a popular source first can help you understand a topic better.

This research guide is designed to help you identify and locate popular research that is reported on or discussed in secondary sources, such as newspaper articles, magazines, or media press releases. Articles from popular sources are almost never peer reviewed, so consider the credibility of the source when you are investigating a topic.

Popular Science Sources

Science Magazine-most recent articles

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Science in the News

Science Newspapers

A list of scientific newspapers to which Centre has access