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BIO 357 Parasitology: Home

This is a guide for students enrolled in BIO 357 or individuals interested in Parasitology


Parasitology is the scientific discipline concerned with the study of the biology of parasites and parasitic diseases, including the distribution, biochemistry, physiology, molecular biology, ecology, evolution and clinical aspects of parasites, including the host response to these agents.                                                                                                                                                                                           From Nature Portfolio

Topics Include:


â–ºThis course guide serves as a research starting point for students enrolled in BIO 357. This guide not intended to be comprehensive, but contains information on selected resources in the Centre College Library, as well as links to materials that are available elsewhere.

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Literature Review

What is a literature review? A guide or an overview to a particular topic. Literature Reviews collect the most relevant and significant publications in order to provide a comprehensive look at what has been said on a topic and who has said it. 


The Value of Literature Reviews

   Traces- the progression of a topic or field

   Evaluates- the sources and advise on most pertinent and relevant information

   Reflects- upon the importance of the literature on current or future research


How does one write a literature view?

  • Research a topic
  • Focus on aspects from your sources that connect
  • Find common themes among all sources
  • Summarize and synthesize the themes, arguments, data, and ideas from the sources
  • Use your own words to convey your organizing principles