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Biblical Studies: Find Books

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How to Search for Books

Searching for Library Sources

Combined Author/Title option

  • quickest way to find an item if you know the author and title
  • use the Author or Title options only if you know the exact forms

Subject option

  • yields only items catalogued under designated subject headings (ie Library of Congress headings see list of possible subject headings below). The Library of Congress Subject Headings are terms or phrases that have been chosen as the standard word or phrase for every subject.

Searching for specific books or sections of the Bible.

Search by Subject Heading to find works on specific books, chapters, verses or other parts of the Bible.

  • Bible
  • Bible o t (for the Old Testament)
  • Bible n t (for the New Testament)
  • Bible o t [name of subsection] orBible n t [name of subsection]
    • Bible o t former prophets
    • Bible o t hexateuch
    • Bible o t prophets
    • Bible o t apocryphya
    • Bible n t gospels
    • Bible n t epistles
    • Bible n t epistles of Paul
    • Bible n t pastoral epistles
    • Bible n t epistles of John
    • Bible n t catholic epistles
    • Apocalyptic literature
    • Beatitudes
    • Book of the Covenant
    • Ten commandments
    • Wisdom literature
  • Bible o t [name of the book] e.g.< strong> Bible o t Amos
  • Bible n t [name of book] e.g.Bible n t Matthew
  • Bible [o t or n t] [name of book] [chapter-Roman numerals] [verse-Arabic numbers]
    • Bible o t Genesis xii 1 19
    • Bible n t Romans xi 25 32

Searching for specific topics genres, interpretations

Search by Subject Heading to find works relating to the Bible or sections of the Bible to specific topics, genres, interpretive approaces, etc.

  • --Antiquities (archeology and antiquities of the Bible)
  • --Bibliography (bibliographies of works containing biblical criticism and interpretation)
  • --Commentaries (for example Bible o t amos--commentaries
  • --Concordances
  • --Criticism interpretation etc. (for example Bible n t matthew--criticism interpretation etc.)
  • --Black interpretations
  • --Criticism interpretation etc Jewish
  • --Canonical criticism
  • --Criticism form
  • --Criticism narrative
  • --Criticism redaction
  • --Criticism textual
  • --Feminist criticism
  • --Islamic interpretation
  • --Social scientific criticism
  • --Dictionaries
  • --Geography (for example Bible o t exodus or Bible--geography--maps)
  • --Hermeneutics (principles of biblical criticism)
  • --Historiography (works on the way in which historical events are presented in the Bible)
  • --History of contemporary events (history contemporary with the history of Biblical events)
  • --History of Biblical events (history of events related in the Bible)
  • --Homilectical use
  • --Indexes
  • --Introductions
  • --Language Style
  • --Liturgical use (for example: Bible o t psalms--liturgical use)
  • --Parables
  • --Prayers
  • --Relation to [subject]
    • Bible n t matthew--relation to mark (to Psalms, etc)
    • Bible o t chronicles--relation to kings
    • Bible o t Jeremiah--relation to psalms
  • --Sermons
  • --Theology
  • [subject] in the Bible
    • Metaphor in the Bible
    • Narration in the bible
    • Rhetoric in the Bible
    • Rites and Ceremonies in the Bible
    • Satire in the Bible
    • Symbolism in the Bible
  • Bible and [subject]
    • Bible and law
    • Bible and literature
    • Bible and science

Searching for works on people in the Bible

Search by Subject Heading to find works on specific individuals in the Bible.

  • Abraha biblical patriarch
  • Moses biblical leader
  • Hezekiah king of Judah
  • Isaiah biblical prophet
  • Paul the apostle saint
  • Matthew the apostle saint
  • Mark saint
  • Luke saint
  • John saint apostle
  • Jesus Christ

You can also relate a specific person to a particular topic.

  • --Historicity (Jesus Christ--historicity)
  • --Teachings (Paul the apostle saint--teachings)
  • --Theology
  • --Views on [subject]
    • Paul the apostle saint--views on Jewish law
    • Paul the apostle saint--views on justification
    • Paul the apostle saint--views on women

Searching for specific versions of the Bible

The basic procedure for finding specific versions of the Bible is to do a Title search starting with the word "Bible" followed by the language, and then the version.

  • Bible English Revised Standard
  • Bible English New Revised Standard
  • Bible English New International
  • Bible English New American
  • Bible English New American Standard
  • Bible English Revised English
  • Bible English New Jerusalem
  • Bible English Authorized
  • Bible English New James
  • Bible English Today's English
  • Bible O T Hebrew
  • Bible Latin Vulgate

Other subject headings for Biblical Studies

  • [subject] literature--relation to the old testament/--relation to the new testament
    • Assyro-Babylonian literature--relation to the old testament
    • Greek literature--relation to the new testament
    • Ugaritic literature--relation to the old testament
  • [subject] -- biblical teaching
    • creation--biblical teaching
    • law--biblical teaching
    • law (theology)--biblical teaching
    • spirit--biblical teaching
    • war--biblical teaching
  • Bible as literature
  • Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Feminist criticism
  • Feminist literary criticism
  • Greek language
  • Hebrew language
  • Narration (Rhetoric)
  • Q hypothesis
  • Structuralism
  • Structuralism (Literary analysis)

If you are not familiar with these, use:

Keyword (words from the title)

  • usually yields more hits as it searches author, subject headings, titles and series

Subject Keyword is also useful.