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Women's History at Centre College: Archives

A guide to resources available in the library archives related to the history of women at Centre, including Bell Seminary, Caldwell Female Institute, Caldwell College, Kentucky College for Women, and the Centre College Women's Department.


CC3.3 Dean/Vice-President Administrative Files, 1947-1974 Box 2

CC-3.4 Dean/Vice-President Administrative Files, 1975-1991 Box 6, Box 7

CC-22 Publications – Alumni Publications – Caldwell College/KCW

CC-22 Publications – Annual Catalogs – Caldwell College/KCW

CC-22 Publications – Handbooks

CC-22 Publications – Miscellaneous (Flame) (Build Up KCW) (KCW Echo)

CC-32.2 Student Research Papers - History of Centre College Pearson, Sara. If you count the girls: the administrative merger of Centre College and Kentucky College for Women. 1995

CC-33 Centre History Series I Caldwell/KCW/Women’s Department

CC-100 Kentucky College for Women