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Online Resources (during COVID-19)

Links for temporarily accessible electronic resources during COVID-19 crisis.

Temporary Resources (during COVID-19)

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Streaming Videos

MathSciNet Pairing

Mobile Pairing for Centre College

As a service during the COVID-19 crisis, the American Mathematical Society would like to assist you in maintaining access to any of the online products to which Centre subscribes, including MathSciNet, journals, and eBook Collections.

The Remote Access system allows end users to pair their computers while on a campus network, letting them take their access to AMS resources with them wherever they go. Many students are now away from campus, and unable to pair in the normal way. To assist them, provided is a special remote access link. This link is unique to Centre and should be shared only with the Centre community:

When visiting this page, you will see a short message about Remote Access service, and a link to initiate 90 days of access on your device. Access may be set up via any web browsing device with JavaScript, cookies, and local storage enabled. If a you use multiple browsers or devices, the link must be visited using each individual browser or device.