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DLM 110 Women in Comedy: YouTube Citation

Citing Youtube Videos

When Citing a Youtube video include the video's creator, the title, the platform in italics, the channel that uploaded the video, upload date, and link.

If the video was uploaded by the same author that created it, or there is no clear author, start the citation with the title. 

For in-text citations, use (author, timestamp).

Youtube Video

Legally Blonde (2001) | Elle Woods' Harvard Video Essay | MGM Studios” YouTube, uploaded by MGM,20 Mar  2021,


Comments (on YouTube videos or any website) lists the username and include the phrase "Comment on" before the title of the video/original source. 


comfypoptart. Comment on “Legally Blonde (2001) | Elle Woods' Harvard Video Essay | MGM Studios” Youtube, 20 Mar 2021, Aug 2021