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War and Centre College: Special Collections and Archives

This guide contains information on archival material at Centre College Special Collections and Archives related to the College's war history. Materials included in this guide were curated by Annalise Weedman `24.

Special Collections and Archives

Physical materials located in the Special Collections and Archives Room in the Centre College Library.

Military Materials

CC-58 Diplomas and Certificates

  1. World War II: Series B Certificates: McLeod, Robert L.
    • Certification from U.S. Army and Navy in recognition of patriotic sacrifices of Centre College allowing McLeod to serve as Chaplin in the Armed Forces (May 8, 1946)

CC-61 Army Air Corps 20th College Training Detachment Collection (World War II)

CC-62 Student Training Army Corps Collection (World War I)

Academic and Financial Collections

CC-1: Centre College Board of Trustees

  1. Series A Correspondence
    1. Civil War: Box 1, Box 2 
    2. World War I: Box 4
  2. Series B Minutes
    • Civil War: Financial Minutes (1858-1879)
    • Civil War: Minutes Vol. 3 (1863-1876)
    • World War I: Minutes Vol. 5 (1901-1916)
    • World War I: Minutes Vol. 6 (1917-1923)
    • World War II: Minutes Vol. 7 (1933-1943)
    • World War II: Minutes Vol. 8 (1943-1950)

CC-2: President's Papers

  1. Civil War: William L. Breckinridge
  2. World War I: Frederick W. Hinitt
  3. World War I: William Ganfield
    • Contains information about the Army Training Corps
  4. World War IIJames H. Hewlett
    • Contains information about the Army Air Corps 20th College Training Detachment
  5. World War II: Robert L. McLeod Jr.
    • Contains information about the Civilian Pilot Training program and information on McLeod's military service as a chaplain in the U.S. Navy
  6. World War II: Walter Groves
    • Contains information on how Centre handled the influx of students and faculty post-war

CC-3: Dean/VP/Academic Affairs

  1. Civil War: CC-3.1: Lindsay Hughes Blanton
    • Sketch mentions Blanton was a chaplain in the Confederate Army
  2. World War II: CC-3.2 B and E James H. Hewlett Papers
    • World War II and Centre College
    • Articles/Manuscripts/Reports: Centre College and Postwar Planning 

CC-5 External Affairs

  1. World War II: CC-5.1 D: Volume 2
    • Alumni guest register for reunion of Army Corps 20th College Training Detachment

CC-13.3 Early Financial Records - General Series J Passbooks

  1. Civil War: Volume 6: Passbook (Bankbook) 1874-1876
    • Contains two pages of one line notes; beginning of Civil War diary 1862-1863

Letters, Essays, and History

CC-33 Centre College History

  1. Civil War: CC-33. E: History 1857-1900
  2. World War I and World War II: CC-33. F: History 1900-
  3. World War II: CC-33. H: Army Air Corps

CC-32.2 Student Essays and Papers

  1. Civil War: Elsea, Chris
    • Centre College during the Civil War 1861-1865 (1976)
  2. World War II: Rauh, Kathy
    • Centre College during World War II 1941-1945 (1976)

CC-56 Danville Theological Seminary

  1. Civil War: Collection Sketch mentions how the Civil War affected the institution

CC-65 Irving Chapin Barlett Papers

  1. Civil War: Collection Sketch describes Bartlett's experience in the Confederate Army
  2. Civil War: Letters pre-Civil War. See:
    • November 22, 1860; describes a student political meeting broken up by faculty
    • February 7, 1861; describes disagreements between Unionists and Secessionists in Danville
    • February 24, 1861; describes the problem of Unionists v. Secessionists on campus and the question of whether the "Star Spangled Banner" would be appreciated by the whole campus

CC-100 Kentucky College for Women

  1. Civil War: Collection Sketch mentions how the Civil War affected the Caldwell Female Institute

CC-149.5A Ed McClanahan Papers

  1. World War II: Folder 41 and Folder 42
    • 1944: A War Story (original, drafts, and a photocopy)

Photographs, Yearbooks, and Newspapers

CC-20.13 Robert Patterson

  1. Civil War: Folder 1
    • Elizabeth Patterson, "War Reminiscences," undated photocopy of newspaper articles concerning Danville during the Civil War

CC-23.7 Oversized Photographs

  1. World War I: Photograph of the 459th Depot Brigade (1918)
    • Depicts an African-American brigade in Kentucky

Yearbooks (Physical copies in Special Collections and Archives Room)

  1. World War II: Olde Centre 1939  
  2. World War II: Olde Centre 1940 
  3. World War II: Olde Centre 1941 
  4. World War II: Olde Centre 1942
  5. World War II: Olde Centre 1943
  6. World War II: Olde Centre 1944
  7. World War II: Olde Centre 1945

CC-28 Newspaper Clippings

  1. Centre College
    • Military Affairs
    • Veterans
  2. Danville/Boyle County/Regional
    • Civil War
    • United States History
    • Military History
    • Veteran Groups


  1. Civil War: Louisville Courier-Journal, Travel Section: "The Civil War in Kentucky, 1861-1865" (1960)