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Theatre: Finding Plays

Plays At Other Libraries

If the text of a play you need is not at Centre, try using WorldCat, a union catalog of millions of records from libraries worldwide, to identify items not available in our library. Use Interlibrary Loan to request the book from another library then.

Monlogues and Scenes

Most of the library's books of monologues have call numbers beginning with "PN 2080". In the catalog, there is no specific subject heading for scene books. To start, you can search with a general term such as "monologues." If you are looking for a particular type of monologue, try a keyword search combining the word monologues and another descriptive keyword, such as: men, women, etc.

Search Centre for Plays



To find a published play, search by author or title in the Centre College Library Catalog.

Most published plays in English are found in the PR (for British, Irish, Canadian, Australian, and postcolonial writers) and PS (for American) Library of Congress call number ranges. Plays in other languages, and plays translated into English, will be shelved with other literatures in that language.

Other Resources for Finding Plays

Many plays are not published separately as books, but in collections or periodicals. The following indexes can help find plays in these sources.