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Ecology: Government Sources

Search Tips for Government Sites

  • Find the Search Box
    • Search Boxes work like other search engines you are used to.
    • Search results are only from government web pages, most ending in .gov. (This helps make sure you are getting official information you can trust)
  • On most sites, there will be a link that reads, "learn what you can do on this site". Check it out.
    • This link contains a lot of really helpful information and goes into detail about what you can find on the site.
  • If you go to a site looking for specific information and you can't find it, you can contact those who maintain the website and they will get back to you.
  • When you are browsing through your list of results, your search terms are bolded. 
    • Looking directly under the title will tell you what type of document it is.
    • It can be hard to see but your search terms will appear bolded wherever they appear in that document.