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Desegregation at Centre College: Student Publications

About Student Publications

The Centre College Cento is recognized as the official student newspaper of the college, but what many do not know is that Centre has had several different student publications over the course of its history. When a student, or group of students wanted to highlight a particular aspect of college life or simply did not feel as if the editors of The Cento were efficiently covering all aspects of student life, they started their own publication. One of which was Cutting Edge which ran for several years. You can access many other publications in the archives that have not yet been digitized under Student Publications section in the vertical files found in the Thomas A. Spragens Rare Book Room and Archives located on the first floor of the Grace Doherty Library.

Cutting Edge (1970)

Beginning on page 8, the newspaper mentions BSU and asks for more dialog with the black students and all the students (

On this link, page one discusses some comments by the BSU ( )