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Computer Science

A guide for CS Students



► This general research guide serves as a starting point for students enrolled in Computer Science or CS classes. It is not intended to be comprehensive, but contains information on selected resources in the Centre College Library, as well as links to materials that are available elsewhere. The guide provides information on both print and electronic resources.

► Use the tabs on the side of the page for navigation to find help in locating books, reference materials, journal articles, and more.

► If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, please contact a reference librarian.

Computer Science

Computer Science Defined:

The study of computers, their underlying principles and use. It comprises topics such as: programming; information structures; software engineering; programming languages; compilers and operating systems; hardware design and testing; computer system architecture; computer networks and distributed systems; systems analysis and design; theories of information, systems, and computation; applicable mathematics and electronics; computing techniques (e.g. graphics, simulation, artificial intelligence, and neural networks); applications; social, economic, organizational, political, legal, and historical aspects of computing.

It is not a science in the strict sense of being a discipline employing scientific method to explain phenomena in nature or society (though it has connections with physics, psychology, and behavioural science), but rather in the looser sense of being a systematic body of knowledge with a foundation of theory. Since however it is ultimately concerned with practical problems concerning the design and construction of useful systems, within constraints of cost and acceptability, it is as much a branch of engineering as it is a science.

-From Oxford Reference Online

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