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CreateSpace: AV Suite & Recording

Graphic of studio spotlights advertising the AV Suite

The editing studio is available for reservation in 2-hour time blocks from 8am until 11pm Monday thru Sunday. Reservations must be made 24 hours prior to start time. Click here to reserve the AV Suite!

Photo of AV Suite interiorThe AV Suite is an enclosed editing studio space, located inside CreateSpace. This studio consists of two Mac workstations, a green screen wall, a 61-key midi keyboard with configurable percussion pads, and it features sound-dampening panels for focused audio recording work. The Mac workstations provide an array of audio and video software programs that include: Logic Pro, Audacity, Garage Band, iMovie, Adobe Creative Cloud, Blender, Comic Life and Anime Pro. The studio provides users a way of capturing audio in a more private and sound-enhanced setting.