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Library Emergency Response Plan: Home

What to do in case of an emergency at the Grace Doherty Library

in case of emergency

in case of emergency

The goals of the Grace Doherty Library emergency plans are:

  • Continue to meet the needs of Centre College during an emergency, as possible
  • Ensure the safety of the Centre College Community
  • Ensure the safety of the staff of the library
  • Be good stewards of our physical assets


Who's in Charge?

1. Carrie Frey, Director

If she is unable to perform her duties

2. Crystal Ellis

If they are unable to perform their duties then staff on site is in charge.

Emergency Numbers


It's an emergency if someone's life, limb, or well being is in danger.

Centre College Department of Public Safety 859-236-4357



Report every emergency to the senior employee on duty

Emergency Notify Tasks
External threat  

Follow directions from campus security / police [Run/Hide/Fight]

Move away from windows and lock doors (if safe) or move to lockable rooms. Barricade.
Fire 9-911 then 9-238- 4357 (Public Safety)

Activate alarm manually, if necessary

Follow evacuation plan

Alert library patrons on Second and Third floors of building

Assemble in basement
Medical 9-911 then 9-238- 4357 (Public Safety)

Describe problem to campus police

Do not try to administer first aid without direction from emergency personnel
Bomb Threat 9-911 then 9-238- 4357 (Public Safety)

Keep caller on phone as long as possible

Have someone else use a different phone to call 911 &  campus police

Write down as many details of threat as possible 

Biohazard Call facilities 5550

Block “spills” from library patrons

Rely on facilities services for clean-up

Disruptive Behavior 9-238- 4357 (Public Safety)

Do not confront violent patrons, wait for campus police 

Inclement Weather  

Implement emergency schedule of resident students to keep library open

Coordinate building openings and closings with campus police

Internet Outage Technology Services

The following systems will be not accessible from campus via an Internet outage:  OCLC staff modules, OCLC Discovery, Library Website and Databases, Printers, Copiers, and Phones.

Students off campus however, will be able to access WMS Discovery and the Library Website.  Databases and ebooks will not be accessible as students will not be able to be authenticated.

For lengthy internet outages, use Circulation Offline Client.  Data will be uploaded after the outage has been corrected.

Power failure 9-238- 4357 (Public Safety) and Facilities 5550

Use flashlights to assist evacuation of building

After dark, close library if outage lasts more than one hour

Post signs on door explaining closure

Water Damage / Flooding

9-238- 4357 (Public Safety) and Facilities 5550


Protect Library Archives, Special Collections, and Rare Books from damage

Use plastic drop cloths to protect from overhead leakage

Move books / equipment away from flooded area, if safe to do so

Block flooded area from library patrons 

Other   Report event to senior employee on duty