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Library Emergency Response Plan: Tornado

What to do in case of an emergency at the Grace Doherty Library

Know the difference between a tornado watch and warning. Text below.

Know the difference between a tornado watch and warning.

Watch - be prepared . . . a tornado is possible
Check for forecast upates
Monitor sky conditions
Know where to take shelter

Warning - take action a tornado is imminent
Take shelter immediately
Seek further information
Check for forecast updates

From the National Weather Service -


In Case of a Tornado Watch

Pay attention to the weather for any changes:

Listen for Danville's Tornado Warning sirens.

If you haven't signed up for text warnings, you can do so here:

Tornado Warning

The basement of the library is considered a tornado shelter.

The digital information display on the reference desk should indicate if a warning has been issued.

When a warning occurs:

  1. Walk through the entire library and notify patrons that the basement is a tornado shelter. You can not force people to go to the basement, but you can strongly recommend it is for the best. 
  2. Use the stairs in the center of the library to reach the basement, NOT THE STAIRS BY THE FRONT DOORS.
  3. Once the floors have been cleared, join the patrons in the basement and wait for the danger to pass. 
  4. Use for the most accurate weather information.

Call Public Safety if you need assistance 9-236-4357


After the Warning is Lifted

If possible, allow everyone to return to the other floors. 

Check the library for leaks or other damage.