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Library Emergency Response Plan: Fire

What to do in case of an emergency at the Grace Doherty Library

In Case of Fire

Call 9-911 and the Department of Public Safety 9-236-4357

Activate alarm manually, if necessary

Have all patrons exit the library through the front door, if possible.

If Carrie is not on site, notify her immediately via phone call or text.

After the fire department arrives, make yourself available as the person in change and wait until the OK is given to back in the building.

Fire Alarm Pull Locations


Main Floor - Three

  • To left of front entrance to offices
  • By back workroom door
  • By back emergency exit

Upper Floor - Three

  • By elevator
  • By communication room/emergency exit
  • By emergency exit on west wall

Basement - One

  • By elevator

Fire Extinguisher Locations

""Main Floor - Three

  • To left of the front door to the offices.
  • To the left of the Presentation room
  • By the Emergency exit on the back wall

Upper floor - One

  • By elevator

Basement - One

  • By elevator

how to use fire extinguisher

How to use a fire extinguisher - Pull the pin, aim at the base of fire, squeeze the lever, sweep side to side.

Fire Evacuation Plan

Proceed to the nearest exit.