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Oral History Guide: Long Distance Interviews

Guidelines for creating oral histories and oral history projects.

Two women in Victorian age dress, each hold a can attached with a string stretched between them to communicate


Technology for distance

Recording iPhone and Android calls requires a third party app or use of speakerphone and a recorder. The quality of these types of recording can be poor. Before starting a formal phone interview, test all applications and equipment.

Please contact Todd Sheene ( in the Library to discuss recording of long distance interviews.

Things to consider

If you can't meet in person, here are things to consider for a distance interview:

  • How tech savvy is the person you are interviewing? Can they get assistance if they need it?
  • Does the person want the interview to be audio only?
  • Do they have access to a stable internet connection?
  • Is the person soft spoken or have a weak voice?
  • Do you need to make arrangements for a translator and how does that affect the interview format?