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Visual Communication: Podcasts

Using visual communication in scholarly work.

What are Podcasts?

A podcast is an audio and sometimes video program you can enjoy whenever you like. They are generally focused on one topic and can be a stand alone cast, part of a series, or part of a group.

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Centre College Podcasts

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Where to Host A Podcast

Where to Find Music & Sound Effects

"The vast majority of music that you're familiar with is subject to copyright. Artists want to protect their music and be sure that they're getting paid whenever it gets used. And rightfully so! They put in a lot of hard work to create some of your favorite songs."

- Free Music for Podcasts

Making a Good Podcast

"To make a good podcast requires a strong concept, a dedication to quality, and the enthusiasm to connect with listeners." - How to Make a Good Podcast

Questions to Ask Yourself

What do I personally like to get out of listening to a podcast? (example: I like to be entertained, I like to be informed about new things, I like feeling inspired, etc)

What kind of podcast tone appeals to me? (example: light-hearted, serious, scripted, conversational, etc)

What kind of podcasting structure do I like best? (example: based on a theme, based on current events, narrative [like a book], 10-minutes or less, released in seasons, etc)

What kind of person do I want my podcast appeal to? (example: other teachers, people who are interested in a particular hobby, etc)

What elements make up the podcasts I like? (example: interview, musical segment, reported story, scene, etc)

What might make my podcast stand out compared to what’s already out there? (example: add a new storytelling element, use a different premise or style, cover a topic people want to know about, etc)

DIY: How to Make A Podcast